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Floating Shelves Plan Guide

There are 20 best corner shelves under 50$ that I reviewed for you, enjoy!

1) WELLAND Phoenix Corner Wall Mount Shelf | 2) MARMOLUX ACCWT-512 Shower Corner Basket Storage Holder Caddy Shelf | 3) Corner Basket for Bathroom by MAMOLUX ACC | 4) MIDE Products 23CSW-1 Aluminum Corner Shelf | 5) World Pride Black 4-Tier Metal Art Corner Stand Shelf | 6) Yaheetech 5 Tier Brown Round Wall Corner Shelf | 7) Organize It All 4-Shelf Corner Unit | 8) Koehler 10017988 29.5 inch Black Folding Wall Shelf | 9) Household Essentials Bamboo 3-Shelf Corner Shelf | 10) HOMFA Bamboo Bathroom Shelf | 11) Giantex 4 Tier Wood Corner Shelf Home Furniture Wall Bookshelf | 12) Furinno? 99811LC/BK Turn-N-Tube 5-Tier Corner Multipurpose Display Shelves | 13) Finether 7-Tier Modular Cut-Out Quarter-Circle Wood-Plastic Composite Corner Shelf | 14) Corner Pole Caddy, Creatwo 3 Tier Carbon Steel Conner Shower Caddy Shelf | 15) 4D Concepts Hanging Corner Storage | 16) Corner Shower Bench & Seat & Stool With 2-Tire Storage Shelf | 17) 3-Tier Corner Bath Tower | 18) 4D Concepts 3-Tier Corner Bookcase | 19) 4D Concepts Hanging Corner Storage | 20) Convenience Concepts 111075W Designs2Go Corner Shelf |

Floating shelves are making a comeback. I’m not sure when they first came into being, but PM was covering them as early as the 1950s. Like many old ideas, they’ve received a boost as new homeowners have discovered their clean and simple look.

One basic execution is to bore a pair of holes into wall studs, insert metal bars or wood dowels into the framing and slip a solid wood shelf over the supports. The problem with this design is that the holes in the framing and the shelf have to be very carefully bored so they are parallel to one another and in the same plane. Otherwise the shelf won’t easily slip over the supports.

Our design (shown below) has more parts, but it’s still easy to build and install. It’s forgiving of small inaccuracies in construction and installation.

Build the shelf, which is nothing more than a small hollow box, and test fit the wall cleat in it. Then simply attach the wall cleat to the studs, slip the shelf over it and screw the shelf to the cleat. Although it’s ideal to mount the cleat to two studs, you can also attach it to a stud on one end and use a hollow wall anchor at the other end.

Build a Box; Build a Shelf

A floating shelf is nothing more than a hollow box built out of plywood and pine. The box’s top and bottom panels rest in rabbets cut into the sides and front, which are mitered at the front corners. The wall cleat is a piece of 2 x 4 sawed to width.

Photo Gallery of the Floating Shelves Plan Guide