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Small Apartment Decor: 3 Options for Style in a Tiny Space

Many young people just starting out and up in a very small studio or one bedroom flat that need small apartment decor in order to make it look good without cluttering the whole place up. The goal of small apartment decor is to add a sense of personal style while maximizing the appearance of space and also improving organization so the apartment becomes usable for daily living and having friends over. Consider these three small apartment decor options to tackle these needs.

1 – Create separation in a studio apartment with small apartment decor options such as tall bookshelves, freestanding screens and curtains. Putting your bed and dresser behind a long curtain or a sturdy bookshelf can help you segregate the hangout part of your home from the relaxation one. It also makes it easier to invite friends over and not have them sit on your bed.

2 – Make small apartment decor items do double duty as storage. Instead of a plain coffee table with short legs, consider one that has drawers underneath or is actually a chest within the top. Likewise, other small apartment decor choices like a platform bed with drawers underneath or a footstool or ottoman with storage can help you maximize your space.

3 – Keep other small apartment decor to a minimum. Too much clutter will only make the space look smaller. Instead choose mirrors for the walls to increase the illusion of size and improved lighting, and only display a select few figurines or decoration pieces.

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