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Dining Room Table Decor: How to Choose the Best

Family dinners around the dining table should get just as much attention as dinner parties for honored guests and the dining room table decor should reflect that. You may skip the ivory taper candles and the expensive floral centerpiece, but dining room table decor can still make everyday meals feel like a true experience.

The main criteria for quality dining room table decor include: attractiveness, appropriate for use around food and lack of interference with the meal or conversation.

Attractiveness – Dining room table decor, whether it is a tablecloth, bouquet of flowers or gilt candelabra, should be chosen based on how much the person using it likes it. It should match the rest of the decorating scheme of the dining room: traditional, country style or modern.

Appropriateness – Dining room table decor should be appropriate for use when people are eating dinner. If you choose flowers, as it will get in the way of the enjoyment of the food. Likewise, do not choose large candle holders that may drip wax on dishes the food or things that cannot stand up to a few drips or stains.

No Interference – Anything used as dining room table decor, whether for a dinner party or everyday use, should not be so large or so tall to interfere with pleasant conversation and being able to see the people you are eating with. If you do choose a large object for dining room table decor, do not place it between seating partners.

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