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How to Mount a Wall Mounted Magazine Rack

A wall mounted magazine rack can help every room stay more organized. Open spaces, like a coffee table or a countertop, often collect clutter. By installing a rack along the wall, you’ll create a natural collection point for magazines, newspapers, and other reading materials. In return, you won’t have as much clutter.

Here’s how to install a wall mounted magazine rack properly.

#1. Affix the magazine rack to the studs within the wall. You’ll need a studfinder to help you locate where to affix the magazine rack. If you just attach the rack to the drywall, it will eventually pull out from the weight of print materials and ruin your wall. Mark the studs you find with chalk if you don’t have a laser level indicator.

#2. Drill the holes first. Don’t directly drill a screw into the wall and eventually your stud. Pre-drill a hole through the magazine rack and into the stud where you will be mounting it. Then affix an anchor into the hole in the wall to give you a sturdy foundation.

#3. Use corrosion-free hardware. A wall mounted magazine rack needs to be affixed with corrosion-free screws, especially in environments that have high humidity levels. This will prevent rust from entering into your drywall and stud, giving you a long-term solution.

A wall mounted magazine rack is one of the easiest ways to keep clutter out of a room. Affix yours today with these steps and you’ll be able to keep your surfaces cleaner than you ever remember.

Photo Gallery of the How to Mount a Wall Mounted Magazine Rack