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French Country Decor for a Fresh and Beautiful Home

People who enjoy a fresh and carefree look that has historical depth and plenty of style will appreciate French country decor in their home. This unique decorating style has several characteristics that are iconic and unforgettable. These French country decor ideals include weathered, antique-style, shabby chic furniture, layers of patterned and printed fabric, a light and breezy feel to every room, and a unique ambience of genteel comfort.

How do you get this French country decor feel in your own home?

Begin by removing most of the clutter and switching out old, outdated furniture for either genuine or faux antiques that show some signs of natural wear. French country decor primarily includes painted furniture in white, pastels, or black with a distressed finish.

Choose fabrics such as toile, gentle geometrics, and floral prints to cover your furniture, hang over your windows, and create accents such as throw pillows. Keep the pallet soft and simple for French decor. While all colors can be represented, there are no stark primaries in sight. For example, instead of candy apple red, choose muted burgundy with a light wash over it.

The accents and decorations in French country decor are as important as the furniture and fabrics. Popular ones include plenty of candles in the metal or glass candle holders, blue and white pottery, vases with fresh flowers, and antique dishes, bowls, and trays. There is no need to add too many to get the beautiful French country decor style.

Photo Gallery of the French Country Decor for a Fresh and Beautiful Home