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Country Home Decor: 5 Must Have Pieces for Stylish Decor

True country home decor style involves a lot of antiques and handmade items. If you do not have the funds for truly old pieces or skill to take up a craft yourself, there are still plenty of options in country home decor that can turn your home into a comfortable display of yesteryear.

In order to have a stylish country home decor house, these five pieces are necessary:

  1. A wreath. Nothing is more welcoming in a country home decor collection than a wreath. This could be made of twisted grapevines and decorated with silk flowers or be fashioned from pine branches, straw, or even twisted wire for a truly rustic, cowboy look.
  2. Mason jars. These containers were everywhere back in the day when ideas for country home decor began. They can be used to hold everything from your homemade jelly to a bouquet of fresh wildflowers.
  3. Hammered tin. A rustic metal plays a large role in many country home decor schemes. It often takes the shape of a candle lantern or a large five pointed star that can be hung on the wall or nestled between other knickknacks on a shelf.
  4. Flowers or animals. Nothing says country home decor more than the types of things regularly found in the country such as flowers and farm or wild animals. Much of the calico fabric used for pillows and draperies features flowers and you might like to add some deer antlers, a black bear motif, or some chicken paintings in the kitchen.
  5. Americana. A large part of country home decor deals with the early days of the USA. Add some muted red, white, and blue, star-shaped accents, flags and more.

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