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Home Theater Audio Video Furniture Guide

After putting in 50+ hours of research and testing, I made a list of the best Audio Video Shelving under 500$ of 2017 and explained their differences and advantages.

1) Vantage Point AXWG02S 2-Shelf Audio/Video Wall Shelves | 2) South Shore Renta TV Stand | 3) South Shore City Life Wall Mounted Media Console Shelf | 4) Sanus Systems SFV49B 3-Shelf AV Stand | 5) Sauder Entertainment Credenza | 6) Sanus Systems SF-A29B 4-Shelf Audio Video Stand | 7) SANUS EFA31-B1 Euro Audio Rack Home Theater Receiver | 8) SANUS 5 Shelf AV Stand | 9) Sanus Classic BFV357-GM1 Television Mounts | 10) Sanus 48″ Accurate Av Stand | 11) Bell’O AVSC2055B AV Stand Holds Up To 55-Inch TV | 12) AVF ES250B-T Wall Mounted AV Component Shelving System | 13) Salamander Archetype 5.0 (Cherry) | 14) Ryan Rove Ashton Multi-Level Component Stand | 15) Pinnacle 31-inch Tall Boy TV Stand 100206 from Nexera | 16) Pinnacle 1-Door Audio Tower 101915 from Nexera | 17) Pangea Audio RV400 Four Shelf Audio Rack | 18) Line Phono Turntable Station Turntable Stand | 19) Bush Furniture Stanford Audio Cabinet | 20) Bell’O ATC402 Audio Video Component Cabinet |

You just bought you new plasma, lcd, led, flat panel tv or projector. If you can’t find a proper place to mount on wall or you need to house your audio video components you will most likely need an Audio cabinet for you components, a tv stand, or base to house both the tv and your home theater components. This guide will tell you all about audio video furniture.

Wood or Metal Glass

Furniture construction can vary, we only carry product lines with the sturdiest construction. In general, the look you want to achieve comes down to wood or glass. If you like a traditional approach, wood av furniture may appeal to you.

Most choices include black, cherry or oak finish. A maple or walnut finish is available in certain styles. If you prefer a more contemporary look you may consider a metal glass combination. The glass is tempered to make it extremely strong.

Dimensions and Weight Considerations for AV Furniture

The most common issue with choosing AV furniture is the size. If you are using for a tv stand you will need to find out the width of the TV, not the diagonal measurement. Most manufacturers use diagonal measurements on TV’s versus width measurements, you will need to find this specification to choose the correct tv stand size. The other common measurement needed is interior shelf dimensions.

This is very important if you have some over sized av equipment, less important if you have normal components. Last but not least, weight of your television and the weight of your components. The heaviest two pieces are usually the TV and the AV Receiver/Amp.

Most top shelf designs of our tv stands can handle up to 250lbs, but check the specs on our web site to be sure. The other consideration is interior shelf load bearing. Some amps can weigh up to 100lbs it is best to place the amp on the lower shelf which is best for weight and sound absorption.

Back Panel Options

Many video tv stands are coming out with back panel options. A back panel allows you to mount a plasma or lcd tv on the panel and run the wires behind it. This makes for ease of installation and a cost savings, since you don’t need an installer to run av cables or electrical.

A back panel is an attractive alternative to mounting a plasma on a wall. A static fixed mount will probably be the best option for a back panel. The back panel is also good because the TV is at the viewer’s eye level while sitting down.

What’s in a Name?

Many people search for equipment racks using these terms, Audio rack, video rack, av rack, audio furniture, av furniture, tv stand, television stand or home entertainment center. Generally, a “rack” is knockdown and “furniture” is usually an assembled piece. Be sure to check the details on all products. A name could be just a title that doesn’t accurately describe the piece you are ordering.

Photo Gallery of the Home Theater Audio Video Furniture Guide