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Accent Decor: Five Top Options to Beautify Your Home

Homeowners need to personalize their living space with accent decor that suits their personal tastes if they want to truly feel at home in each room. Accent decor includes anything hung on the walls, laid on the floor arranged on tables, shelves and cabinets and otherwise displayed with only the intent to enjoy. These top five options for decor will help you create a personalized oasis:

1 – Wall Decor – Accent decor intended for use on the walls includes framed paintings and prints, photographs of everything from family to architectural details, fabric wall hangings or tapestries and vinyl stick-on decals.

2 – Throw Rugs – It is simple to add personal style when you use one or more throw rugs as your accent decor in any room of the house. These come in such a wide variety of colors and styles to match any tastes.

3 – Pillows, Throws and Curtains – Any soft goods that you have in the room make for wonderful accent decor. Consider a couple of bright pillows on your couch and a cozy throw to keep you warm in the evenings. Curtains can range from heavy velvet drapes to chiffon sheers or country gingham.

4 – Figurines, Statues and 3D Art – The most commonly used types of accent decor pieces include collectibles, crafts and other items that simply sit around in order to beautify a space.

5 – Temporary Accent Decor – Things such as bases full of fresh flowers, bowls of fruit and other temporary pieces of decor can add a splash of color or a desert style to a room without a permanent commitment.

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