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4 Essential Children Bedroom Designs

Children bedroom designs can be sometimes difficult to manage thanks to ever-changing tastes that kids tend to have. Superheroes might be in fashion today, but tomorrow the focus might be on butterflies and race cars. With these ideas, you’ll be able to keep a child’s bedroom up-to-date as much as possible.

#1. Look for high quality children’s bedroom sets. The foundation of a child’s bedroom is the furniture itself. Look to install high quality furniture that will stand up to the test of time. You can adjust the actual theme of the room around the bedroom sets you get today with new bedding, drapes, and wall art.

#2. Children’s bedroom furniture should be multi-purpose. You can increase the open space of a child’s bedroom by having furniture items that have multiple purposes. A night stand, for example, could also double as a desk for homework.

#3. Mirrors open up the space. Many children bedroom designs feel closed in and stuffy because the rooms are usually small and have few windows. By including mirrors in strategic sight line locations, the illusion of more space can give a child more comfort.

#4. Think about storage. Storage options in children’s bedroom sets are incredibly valuable. More storage will allow for cleaner closet spaces and more useable space within the room itself. Under the bed storage, loft bed designs, and wall shelving are all options to increase available storage space.

Children bedroom designs don’t have to change when new themes are desired. With the right foundational furniture pieces, you’ll create an environment where both you and your child are consistently happy.

Photo Gallery of the 4 Essential Children Bedroom Designs