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Lowe’s Chandeliers: Four Styles for Your Home

The popular hardware and home goods store Lowes offers a wide selection of lighting for your home. Lowe’s chandeliers are quite popular with decorators and homeowners alike. If you are in the market for one or more hanging light fixtures for any room in your house, chandeliers can provide the options you want. Consider the following four attractive styles:

1 – Crystal Lowe’s Chandeliers

Nothing says elegance like a large Lowe’s chandelier with crystal drops sparkling in the light. These come in every style from solid draped pearl crystals to styles with flame-shaped lightbulb illumination and larger crystal drops.

2 – Rustic and Lodge Lowe’s Chandeliers

Sturdy metal structures, wooden wagon wheels, twigs and branches and faux antlers provide rustic style in the chandeliers collection. These are perfect for country homes that want the look of an old-time lodge for their lighting.

3 – Tiffany Style Lowe’s Chandeliers

Stained glass Lowe’s chandeliers are quite popular for kitchens and other rooms in the house. They add a definite spot of interest and color to a decorating scheme without being overbearing or making kaleidoscope colors on the walls. These chandeliers come in solid single shade varieties and those with multiple smaller glass globes.

4 – Modern Lowe’s Chandeliers

Hanging lights get a new look with Lowe’s chandeliers of varying styles and shapes. One popular look is to have multiple jars or globes of light hanging together in a cluster, but there are also sparkling orbs and more industrial styles of chandeliers as well.

Photo Gallery of the Lowe's Chandeliers: Four Styles for Your Home