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How to Buy the Best Lawn Edger

Lawn edgers come in different styles, from gas and electric motors to dual purpose string trimmer/edgers, as well as manual tools for smaller yards. In this article we will go over all of the best models of each type of edger, so no matter what size lawn you have to manage, and no matter how large or small your budget, there is sure to be an edger in this list for you. If you do not see the perfect tool for your needs, click here to browse more edgers.

1) BLACK+DECKER MTC220 20V Lithium Ion Trimmer/Edger | 2) GreenWorks 21212 4Amp Corded String Trimmer | 3) Black Decker LE750 11 Amp Landscape Edger | 4) BLACK+DECKER GH900 6.5-Amp Trimmer/Edger | 5) BLACK+DECKER LST136W 40V MAX String Trimmer | 6) 16″ Electric Corded Grass Trimmer | 7) BLACK+DECKER LST420 20V Trimmer and Edger | 8) Scotts SYNC Lithium-Ion Trimmer/Blower Combo | 9) HONDA VersAttach Multi Too | 10) WORX WG896 12 Amp 2-in-1 Electric Lawn Edger |

Different Types of Lawn Edgers

Finding the ideal lawn edger requires you to choose from among a few different types of machines. These machines all do the basic job of edging, but they differ in terms of how they approach the job. In order to decide which type will suit you best, you should carefully consider the points above as well as the nature of your neighborhood.

The most basic type of lawn edger is the manual type. Working with one of these requires painstaking effort and a true commitment to a great looking lawn. I suppose that in a way, these are for the gardening purists. And I have to admit that I find edging by hand quite an absorbing job – as long as I have plenty of time to do it in.

Next up are edger attachments for garden trimmers. Many gas-powered and electric string trimmers can be used for basic edging, but some offer you the ability to attach edging implements where the string trimmer head is located. Other trimmers allow you to rotate the head so that it is perpendicular to the ground, thus becoming a basic edger.

There are even some straight shaft lawn edgers available, such as the Husqvarna 125E (pictured), which are very similar in design to a string trimmer, but with an edging blade and guide wheel at the business end instead of a cutting line.

Dedicated, electrically-powered edgers come in corded or cordless varieties. Cordless models are not very powerful, but they are extremely portable and easy to use. Corded models are quiet and convenient, but they must be operated within close proximity of an electrical outlet.

Gasoline-powered lawn edgers are the most powerful, and the most popular. These machines are capable of edging the largest properties and they are very portable, assuming you are strong enough to lift one of them. On the downside, they can be unfriendly to the environment because of noise and fuel fumes. Also, gas engines require more maintenance than electric motors.

For the purposes of this article, we will focus on gas-powered and electrically-powered lawn edgers.

Electric Lawn Edgers

Size and power of electric lawn edgers

Electric edgers fall into two categories – corded and cordless.

Both types are relatively small and lightweight. Corded units feature electric motors rated for power in terms of amps, with 10 to 12 amps being typical. The power of cordless units is measured in volts, with 18 volts being the most common size.

Features to look out for in electric lawn edgers

Even though you may only use this type of machine sparingly, you should opt for one that features a strong blade. If you are thinking about getting a corded unit, you should try to find one that keeps the extension cord from becoming tangled and cumbersome.

If you opt for a cordless unit, you should choose one with a Lithium Ion battery, which will last longer and give you more consistent power.

Since they generally lack the power of gas edgers, electric machines can take longer to edge areas that have been left for some time.

However, once you have your edges under control, then electric models are usually quick and effective options for most domestic situations.

Best uses for electric lawn edgers

These machines are best suited for smaller yards in more densely populated communities. Since corded models must be used within 100 feet of an electrical outlet, they are most useful on jobs requiring a minimum of edging.

Since cordless machines run on battery power, they can only run for as long as the battery holds a charge. This limits them to usage for smaller jobs, as well.

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