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How to Measure for Window Well Covers

Window well covers are great for keeping animals, leaves, rain, and other debris out of your window wells. They also are able to make your house look great. But, you may not be familiar with how to install window well covers. Well, that is exactly the process that we will walk you through.

You will need a few tools including; adjustable wrench, painter’s tape, and a tape measure. Of course, you will need the well covers to be installed. Before you can begin your window covers project, you need to get some measurements. Here’s how:

You start by measuring the window well’s width. You want to make two measurements. The first measurement is made at the front of the window well. The second measurement is made at the back. You need to write down the widest measurement. Then you need to measure from your house to the outside of the window well. Again, you want to take a couple measurements in two different places. You also want your window well’s shape.

You also need to take a note of the window well’s shape. There are many different shapes including; rounded, U shaped, or square. You also need to examine the back edge of the window well. You are looking to see if your covers will need to slide into the back of the opening between the siding and foundation.

Window well covers are a great way to keep unwanted items out of your window wells. They also can be aesthetically pleasing. The first step is proper measuring. You now know how to measure for window well covers.

Photo Gallery of the How to Measure for Window Well Covers