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How to Upholster a Vanity Bench

Having a variety to choose from may leave us in and a state of mayhem trying to have the best. Fortunately, we are going to explore a collection of the top 11 best vanity bench in 2017 reviews.

1) Curve Chrome Vanity Bench | 2) Giantex White Vanity Wood Dressing Stool | 3) Powell Jamestown Landing Bench | 4) Home Styles Bermuda Vanity Bench | 5) Otto and Ben 30-in Ottoman Storage Bench | 6) Hillsdale Windsor Vanity Bench | 7) Ashley Furniture Signature Design Zarollina Vanity Stool | 8) HomCom 39” Contemporary Base Entryway Bench | 9) Crown Mark Iris Vanity Table/Stool | 10) SONGMICS Vanity Set | 11) ZENY White Vanity Table Set |

If you have an old-fashioned dressing table in your bedroom or a built-in vanity in the bathroom, an upholstered vanity seat lets you bedeck and beautify yourself in comfort. If you don’t like the fabric on yours — or if you’ve bought a vintage version with a damaged or missing seat — you can change it. Though vanity seats come in bench, stool and low-back chair styles, the process for upholstering them is the same.

1. Turn the vanity seat upside down. Turn the corner screws counterclockwise with a screwdriver. Remove the screws to release the seat, or to release the bare seat base if your piece isn’t already upholstered.

2. Pry the staples holding any existing upholstery fabric loose with a staple lifter. Pull stubborn staples loose with needle-nose pliers. If the fabric on an antique vanity seat is attached with tacks, slip the grooved head of a tack puller or ripping chisel beneath the tack heads, and then tap the end of the tool with a wooden mallet. Skip this step if your vanity seat isn’t upholstered.

3. Measure the length and width of the seat base. Cut upholstery foam — in the thickness of your choice — to those measurements with an electric carving knife. Skip this step if your vanity seat is already padded with usable foam.

4. Spray the seat base and the bottom of the foam with a coat of adhesive, and then position the foam on the seat base. Let the spray adhesive dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Skip this step if you’re using the existing foam.

5. Lay the new seat fabric right side up, and place the old seat fabric on top of it. Cut the fabric to the size and shape of the old fabric, using the fabric as a pattern.

If the fabric was already stripped from your vanity seat, measure the length, width and depth of the foam-covered seat. Add the depth measurement to both the length and width, and then add another 3 inches to each measurement for the proper size to cut your new fabric.

6. Unroll quilt batting on a flat surface. Place your cut piece of seat fabric on top of it. Using the new fabric as a pattern, cut the batting to the same size and shape.

7. Lay the cut quilt batting on a flat surface, and then center the seat base on top of it, foam side down. Fold the excess batting over the top edge of the seat base, and then affix it to the base with a single center staple. Place the staple one-half inch from the seat base’s edge. Pull the batting taut and repeat with the bottom edge of the seat base, and then again with the left and right sides.

8. Staple out from each center staple toward its respective corner. Stop stapling two inches from each corner.

9. Fold the corners of the batting over the corners of the seat base; the points of the batting should face the seat base’s center. Staple the batting in place. Working out from each corner, staple the remaining unattached batting to the seat base. Pleat the batting as necessary to keep the corners tight and tidy. Trim the excess batting close to the staple lines.

10. Repeat Steps 7 through 9 with the seat fabric, but place your staples three-quarters of an inch from the edges of the seat base. Avoid stapling over the corner screw holes.

11. Place the upholstered seat base on the vanity seat frame. Insert the screws through the holes in the seat base. Screw them clockwise into the frame.

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