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Makeup Table Buying Guide

Present to your attention 31 best makeup table.

1) Bathroom Tri Mirror Vanity Set Makeup Table and Bench | 2) AW 4-Wheel Rolling Studio Makeup Case | 3) Giantex Tri Folding Mirror Vanity Set | 4) Nexera 221633 Allure Vanity | 5) SONGMICS Vanity Set Tri | 6) SONGMICS Vanity Set with Lotus Makeup Table | 7) SONGMICS Vanity Set with Mirror and Stool Make-up | 8) Teamson Kids – Girls Vanity Table and Stool Set | 9) SONGMICS 7 Drawers Vanity Table Set | 10) Merax Vanity Set with Stool | 11) Bathroom Vanity Table Jewelry Makeup Desk | 12) Giantex Vanity Makeup Table Set | 13) William’s Home Furnishing Espresso Tri-mirror Vanity | 14) SONGMICS Vanity Makeup Table White URDT11W | 15) Rolling Studio Makeup Artist Cosmetic Case | 16) Aico Hollywood Swank Vanity with Bench Set | 17) SONGMICS Vanity Set Black URDT108B | 18) Giantex Vanity Wood Makeup Dressing Table | 19) Tribesigns Wood Makeup Vanity Table Set | 20) Guidecraft Vanity and Stool Children’s Furniture | 21) Bobkona St. Croix Collection Vanity Set | 22) SONGMICS Vanity Set White URDT108M | 23) Giantex Vanity Dressing Table Set Mirrored | 24) Giantex Tri Folding Mirror Vanity Makeup Table | 25) Blongang Vanity Makeup Table Set Vanities Set | 26) Kemier Professional Artist Studio Makeup Case | 27) Facilehome Dressing Vanity Table | 28) Bathroom Vanity Table Set | 29) Crown Mark Iris Vanity Table/Stool | 30) Merax Vanity Set w/ Stool Make-up | 31) ZENY White Vanity Table Set |

Vanity Materials

Vanity tables are sometimes available as part of a matching bedroom suite. Vanities come in a variety of wood finishes to match any decor. The wood may be stained or painted. Contemporary pieces may be made of medium-density fiberboard (MDF), a wood product that is made of recycled wood fibers that are glued and pressed together.

MDF is stronger than wood and less expensive, making it a good choice for many pieces of furniture. The vanity top may be of the same wood or MDF as the rest of the unit, but sometimes it is a marble slab. Marble is not damaged by liquids as wood can be, and it is easy to keep clean.

Other materials frequently used in vanities are metal and glass. A metallic vanity usually has an opulent look and is best in a very fancy or formal room. Glass or mirroring may cover the top surface and sometimes the entire surface of the table, including the drawer fronts. Other metal-and-glass pieces are modern and sleek; they may feature a matte black frame with clear glass shelves and no drawers.

Vanity Styles

As with any furniture, makeup tables are available in a variety of styles. Modern and Mission styles have cleaner lines and simpler shapes. Traditional and Queen Anne styling includes curved legs and scalloped edges along the bottom of the table. Art Deco or Hollywood Regency makeup tables are glitzy with unusual shapes and geometric detailing.

How to Buy a Vanity

A vanity is seen as a symbol of luxury, but it does not necessarily have to be expensive. You can create a makeshift vanity out of older pieces of furniture. An old-fashioned roll-top desk or even an old student desk can be used as a dressing table with the addition of a mirror mounted to the wall above it.

You can purchase used vanities from a variety of sources, although a genuine antique version may be far from affordable. Brand-new pieces are still available from furniture retailers everywhere.

When choosing a vanity, you will of course want to consider how it will fit and look in the room where it will be placed and used. Ideally, you should try to sit down at the vanity to ensure that the surface and stool heights are correct for your body. A vanity with a mirror that is too high or too low, or a stool that is not suited to you, is the opposite of a convenience.

If you are buying from a catalog or online and cannot be seated at the vanity to test it out, take note of the specific measurements and try to imagine how they will work by sitting at a desk or kitchen table and approximating how much higher or lower the surface and seat would be with those specific measurements.

Check to see that the vanity will hold all of your beauty products and tools and other items. The vanity will not be very useful if you still require more storage space elsewhere. Try to think of the vanity as a self-contained grooming center; you may be inspired to pare down on unused and outdated cosmetics and skin care. Otherwise, honestly assess how much space you will need for everything you own and use.

Many furniture purchases require assembly at home, usually if they are new. Make sure that you have tools required for the job and the patience and skills to put your new vanity together. If not, see if you can enlist the aid of a partner, relative, neighbor, or friend. Otherwise, look for a piece that comes fully assembled.


A vanity is a welcome addition in any home with a small bathroom, a limited number of bathrooms, a shared bathroom, or a household with many members (particularly if there are a lot of women). Having a personal space to apply perfume, remove makeup at night, or simply daydream while brushing one’s hair is a treat, but it also frees up bathroom space for others.

By being aware of the flexibility and convenience of a vanity, as well as the options available and what to look for when buying one, any woman can enjoy this well-deserved space of her own.

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