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Small Living Room: Furniture Design Options

If you have a small living room, you may find that traditional furniture is too large for the space. Not only will a full-sized couch, chairs, and coffee table not fit in the room, but they would also make the room look even smaller due to crowding. If you wish to furnish your small living room in an attractive and easy to use way, you should purchase smaller pieces of furniture and leave some out altogether.

Even a Small Living Room Needs Comfort

Most people use their small living room to sit and relax, gather with friends, and watch TV or read after a hard day’s work. This means there has to be enough seating for everyone to have a spot. Instead of a couch and chairs in a small living room, consider a pair of loveseats or a narrower bench with cushions on it. You may have to give up your idea of a lounge chair and go with a smaller club chair with a footstool that can double as a seat when needed.

In a small living room, you will also need tables or other surfaces to hold drinks and the TV. Choose narrow pieces that fit against the wall easily. Also, keep decorative items such as knickknacks and vases to a minimum. An uncluttered design scheme and less large furniture helps a small living room look more spacious.

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