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Utility Carts Buying Guide

When it comes to utility carts, every manufacturer has something new to offer with a sweet story to it. But don’t get carried away by all the sweet talk since some of these products don’t perform as advertised.

What you need is a utility cart that has the right storage components, weight capacity, construction material, and comfort level; without forgetting durability and ease of movement. Still stuck on your search? Feel free to explore our list of the best utility carts and maybe you can get what you’re looking for.

1) Creative Outdoor Distributor All-Terrain Folding Wagon | 2) Trinity 3-Tier Utility Cart | 3) Offex 18 x 32 Inch Utility Tub Cart | 4) Sandusky FW4824 Heavy Duty Steel Wagon | 5) VersaCart Transit Utility Cart | 6) Alvin TAB33-BK Mobile Organizer Black | 7) Bintopia 4 Drawer Trolley Cart | 8) Mophorn 3 Shelf Stainless Steel Cart | 9) Whitmor Supreme Cart with Wheels | 10) Rubbermaid Commercial Utility Cart | 11) Altra Marshall 3 Shelf Utility Cart | 12) Wellmax WM99024S Shopping Cart | 13) Finnhomy 12-Drawer Utility Storage Cart | 14) Altra Marshall Utility Cart | 15) Whitmor Supreme Microwave Cart | 16) RASKOG Home Utility Cart | 17) WORX Aerocart Yard Cart | 18) John Deere 650 Utility Cart | 19) Gorilla Carts GOR866D Heavy-Duty | 20) Mac Sports Utility Beach Wagon Cart | 21) RASKOG 1419-903-339-76 Utility Cart, Black | 22) Seville Classics Utility Cart | 23) Olympia Tools 85-188 Service Cart | 24) Luxor AVJ42 A/V Cart Black | 25) Summates Collapsible Folding Utility Wagon | 26) OrangeA Utility Cart | 27) Gardening Cart Rolling | 28) Bigger Smart Cart Collapsible Utility Cart |

Cart Components

Adjustable Shelf: Adjustable shelves enable the user to reposition the shelves within the cart frame at a pre-set height, usually with a range of available height positions.

Anti-Slide Guard Rails: These guard rails are repositionable to accommodate a wide range of guard rail needs and the design helps secure boxes and supplies for safer transport on the utility cart.

Backstop: A backstop is a spill-guard or raised edge that prevents items from falling or spilling over the back of a cart or work surface.

Central Lock, Shared Lock: A central lock is a lock mechanism located in a relatively central position within the overall frame of the locking structure. A shared lock is one that engages multiple compartments for security.

Electrical Unit: An electrical unit is included or offered as an optional enhancement for select storage utility carts designed to support electronics and other technology.

Extra Shelf: An extra shelf is available for select utility cart models. This extra shelf matches or coordinates with the other shelves with the utility cart and installs within the frame for easy cart enhancement to suit different needs.

Fixed Shelf: A fixed shelf in a utility cart is permanently placed and cannot be adjusted or removed. The base shelf is almost always a fixed shelf.

Flat Shelf: A flat shelf is flat straight across, without raised edges that would form a bin or box style shelf.

Full Piano Hinge: A full piano hinge is a durable hinge that connects a lid or door to a storage compartment, with the hinge running the full-length of the lid or door.

Grommet Holes: Grommet holes are discreetly placed in select technology-friendly utility carts, allowing wire pass-through in back panels, sides, and/or shelves depending on the cart design.

Half-Width Tub Shelf: A half-width shelf is usually equal in length to the cart in which it is used, but only half the width of the cart, and the shelf is positioned on one side or the other. The tub shelves have a bin-style design with raised sides to form a shallow tub in which to store tools and supplies.

Heavy-Duty Casters: Heavy-duty casters are paired with strong heavy-duty utility carts to ensure quality support of the weight capacity of the entire cart, without risk of damage to the frame, base, or casters.

Hinged Locking Lid: A hinged locking lid is a top-access lid that encloses a container or compartment, with a hinge that attaches the lid to one side of the container.

Letter Slot, Letter Tray: A letter slot is a paper-sized compartment built into a storage unit, typically in a layout that offers a set of matching letter slots for organizing paper, documents, or other literature and paper products. Letter trays can refer to the horizontal divider shelves that comprise the paper slots or letter slots.

Locking Casters: Most utility carts have two standard casters and two casters fitted with brakes or locks to stabilize the storage unit for safer loading and unloading of contents.

Locking Drawer: Utility carts with locking drawers have storage drawers fitted with a lock and allow the user to secure contents when not in use.

Locking Storage Compartment: The locking storage compartment can be a single or double-door design, and is usually composed of steel for enhanced strength.

Molded Shelves, Molded Legs: Molded shelves and molded legs refer to durable molded plastic utility cart components. The molded plastic legs have consistent quality strength, shape, and thickness ensuring a reliable cart assembly with lasting support. The molded shelves have consistent quality shape and strength as well, and many feature raised lip edges to enhance performance.

Non-Marking Wheels: Non-marking wheels are casters or wheels that have durable designs and will not leave marks, scuffs, or scratches on flooring when used.

Nonskid Mat: Select utility carts include a nonskid mat for the top or multiple shelves, depending on the style. The nonskid mat reduces risk of items slipping during transport and use, providing firm traction to keep expensive equipment safely in place.

Padded Shelves: Padded shelves can refer to the nonskid mats used on the top shelf of select utility carts, or on other mats and pads found on shelves throughout the collection. The padding may reduce friction for quieter transport equipment.

Plastic Shelf Liner: A plastic shelf liner is a plastic, custom-sized panel that fits on a wire shelf to enclose the grate-style pattern of the metal wire shelf for a smooth storage space.

Plate-Mount Casters: Plate-mount casters are casters that have a mounting plate, providing a more reliable connection to the base of the utility cart and ensuring strong support for the heavy-duty utility cart uses.

Rear Access Panel: A rear access panel is typically found in audiovisual and computer storage units, providing access to the backs of equipment without having to pull the equipment from their respective storage shelves or compartments.

Photo Gallery of the Utility Carts Buying Guide