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How to Buy the Right Vanity Bench

Having a variety to choose from may leave us in and a state of mayhem trying to have the best. Fortunately, we are going to explore a collection of the top 20 best vanity bench under 100$ in 2017 reviews.

1) BEWISHOME Vanity Stool Piano Seat Makeup Bench | 2) Crownroyaljack Furniture Square Piano Bench | 3) Elegant Home Fashions Jamaica Bench | 4) Hillsdale Sophia Vanity Stool in Linen Gray | 5) Hillsdale Windsor Vanity Bench | 6) Holland Bar Stool Co. 802 Misha Vanity Stool | 7) HomCom 39” Contemporary Fabric Chrome X-Base Entryway Bench | 8) Home Styles 5530-28 Naples Vanity Bench | 9) Home Styles 5537-28 Lafayette Vanity Bench | 10) HomCom 39” Contemporary Tufted Curved Leg Entryway Bench | 11) HomCom 39” Contemporary Tufted PU Leather Chrome Base Entryway Bench | 12) Import Collection Stool | 13) International Concepts Unfinished Vanity Bench | 14) Home Styles Furniture 5529-28 Chesapeake Vanity Bench | 15) Home Styles Bermuda Vanity Bench | 16) Powell Jamestown Landing Bench | 17) LCH Classic Style Tufted Ottoman Bench | 18) Linon Claire Bench, Damascus | 19) Roundhill Furniture Aspell Anywhere Accent Upholstered Bench | 20) Tribesigns Vanity Stool Makeup Dressing Stool |

Choosing the Right Vanity Chair Material

Aside from their shapes, the main difference between vanity chairs is the material they are made from. Vanity chairs come in a variety of materials, and feature details such as ornate arms and legs, swirls in the metal or fabric, and carved designs.

Choosing the right material is important, in order for the vanity chair to match existing decor and to provide a long, useful life. Buyers should choose a construction material that suits their taste as well as the room it will occupy.


Metal vanity chairs often feature metal arms and legs with an upholstered seat and back for comfort. The covering can be upholstered, satin or leather, depending on the type of chair. They often feature decorative metalwork and designs, and some feature stylish twists and shaping.

The metal can be finished in bronze, nickel or copper to give it an elegant look and to blend with the room. Metal vanity chairs are often well-made, sturdy, and have a classic style that works in almost any home.


Wooden vanity chairs have a traditional feel, and bring a sense of style to any dressing room. They can be specially carved or have other accents (e.g. beadwork) to make the chair even more luxurious. They typically have a padded seat and back to make the wood more comfortable.

To change up the look, different finishes can be applied to the wood; cherry and mahogany are the most popular choices, though shoppers can find almost any wood stain they want. While wooden vanity chairs are often more costly, some wood veneer models look almost as good as their solid wood counterparts, and can be had for a fraction of the cost.


Wicker vanity chairs are often praised for their comfort since they are not as firm as wood or metal. Like other stools, wicker chairs often come with padding in the seats and back, as much to protect the wicker from breaking as for comfort.

Wicker chairs are sturdy, but they require a gentle touch to prevent wear and tear on the fibers. The downside of wicker chairs is the lack of swivel that metal chairs often provide. However, they are less prone than other materials to damage from water or humidity.


Plastic vanity chairs are available, but they lack the drama and styling of the other types. However, they are usually much easier on the budget. They are also less prone to breaking and water damage. Buyers who intend to use a vanity chair in the bathroom, where it may get wet, should consider a plastic chair, which is less likely to experience damage from temperature extremes and moisture.

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