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Red Area Rugs: Add a Blaze of Color to Any Room

Red area rugs may seem too bright to lay down on any floor in your home, but by using various shades of this hot color and different patterns for an accent, you can use them to great effect. In today’s primarily neutral schemes for home Decor, a bright blaze of color is needed to give every room a touch of pizazz. Red area rugs accomplish that task beautifully.

In the bedroom, red may symbolize the color of love or passion. Unless you have a bright color scheme to begin with, there is a shade of red area rugs that will be perfect to accentuate it. Living rooms and other common areas are usually very neutral so red area rugs are a perfect option to spice things up a bit.

No matter what type of design scheme you have, you can find red area rugs to suit. If you have a very traditional home, there are lovely Oriental style red area rugs with intricate patterns. If you prefer a more modern style, you can find bright area rugs with geometric black and white shapes were swirls of interlocking color. A country home? Consider an authentic rag rug with plenty of soft reds and browns as the perfect accent.

Red area rugs should not be shied away from when planning your decorating outlook. Even though it is a rather bright and bold color, it is just that feature that makes area rugs so wonderful for every room of the house.

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