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Bathroom Decor Themes for Modern Living

Although there are dozens of possibilities when it comes to bathroom decor, there are also five main themes that have stood the test of time. These bathroom decor styles create a feeling or relaxation or rejuvenation whenever you go into the frequently-used but often-forgotten room when it comes to design.

1 – Under the Sea – Many people choose a tropical fish or ocean the for their bathroom decor. This also encompasses nautical style with anchors and sailing ships, but shells and figurines of colorful tropical fish are quite popular.

2 – Country Bath – Bathroom decor in this style may feature “5 cent bath” signs, old-fashioned soap advertisements and other country accents like rag rugs and dried flowers.

3 – Zen Spa – For the ultimate in relaxation, some people pick bathroom decor that gives a spa-like feel. This includes small plants, plenty of candles and stacked black rocks and other peaceful accents.

4 – Ultra Clean and Green – A bathroom decor theme that speaks to earth-friendly and all-natural ideals is increasingly popular in modern homes. Everything is cool and white but has some natural and neutral accents such as sage green towels and a bamboo rug.

5 – Five Star Hotel Luxury – Although the bathroom is a very useful, it is also a place to relax and rejuvenate yourself and what could help more than a truly luxurious bathroom decor theme? These bathrooms have ultra luxe everything from imported marble tile to gold accents on the fixtures and hardware.

Photo Gallery of the Bathroom Decor Themes for Modern Living