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The Easy Guide to the Whats and Whys of Monitor Arms in the Workplace

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There are a fair few basic truths of office work, but two of the biggest ones are:

  • Injuries from bad posture and desk set-up can seem unavoidable
  • There is never really enough space on your desk for everything you want to have there

Luckily, there’s a tool that can help you take leaps and bounds towards making these two supposed truths a thing of the past. A quality, adjustable monitor arm could be all you need to free up your workspace and keep your vertebrae in check.

A monitor arm or stand provides you with the means to easily adjust the height and angle of your computer monitor. Whether you use a regular desk or a standing desk, you’ll be sorted – and if you’re really strapped for desk space, you can even attach a monitor arm to the wall.

They aren’t one size fits all either, but instead have a range of options to cater to your needs – so once you’ve established exactly what you want from your work set-up, you can find the tool to match.

Why should I get a monitor arm?

Good question. It’s easy to feel like there are a lot of technology-related accessories on the market, and there are some things that are more gimmicky than genuinely useful. Adjustable monitor arms easily fall into the ‘genuinely useful’ camp, however.

When you’re sitting (or standing) at your desk for hours upon hours every day, ensuring that your body isn’t being put under undue stress should be a paramount concern. It might be the sort of thing that gets repeated time and time again, but here we go with the reminder – you only get one body, so you need to make sure you treat it properly.

When you’re able to adjust your monitor to the optimal height, depth and angle for your needs, you’ll find yourself with better posture without even trying. When you don’t need to hunch to a low-down screen, or strain your eyes reading a monitor that’s set too far back, everything will feel more comfortable.

Greater comfort means fewer work-related aches and pains. So you’re less likely to do yourself damage and miss time off work as a result – and you’re also going to be more productive. That’s a win-win-win! Monitor tweaking is significantly easier when you have an adjustable monitor arm, since all movements are quick and simple and don’t require you to rearrange everything else on your desk in the process!

If you need any further convincing, monitor arms are a particular help when it comes to shared working quarters. If there are two people with two computer set-ups working in close proximity, the freed up space can be a real help.

Not to mention the flexibility afforded if you share your actual computer with a colleague – using a monitor arm means that both of you can adjust the monitor to your individual needs rather than finding some kind of middle ground that’s not great for either of you.

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