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Rustic Tables, A Guide to the Best Coffee and Dining Tables

There are 24 of the best rustic coffee tables that I reviewed for you, enjoy!

1) Tribesigns 48″ Solid Wood Coffee Table | 2) Niangua Furniture Live Edge Cedar Rustic Coffee Table | 3) Alaterre AZMBA1120 Sonoma Rustic Natural Coffee Table | 4) Solid Wood Coffee Table – Modern Industrial Space Saving Sofa | 5) Southern Enterprises Slatted Bench, Coffee Table | 6) Giantex Rectangular Accent Coffee Table | 7) Southern Enterprises Steamer Storage Trunk Cocktail Table | 8) International Concepts OT-70SC Hampton Square Coffee Table | 9) Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Vintage Casual Coffee Table | 10) Alaterre Rustic Reclaimed Oval Coffee Table | 11) Rustic Log Coffee Table Pine and Cedar | 12) Household Essentials 8079-1 Ashwood Round Coffee Table | 13) SONGMICS Antique Coffee Table Vintage Cocktail Table | 14) Signature Design by Ashley T830-9 Tamonie Table | 15) Winsome Wood Black Coffee Table | 16) Emerald Home Chandler Rustic Industrial Coffee Table | 17) Deco 79 Metal Wood Coffee Table Accent Collection | 18) Solid Wood Coffee and Cocktail Table | 19) Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Mestler Coffee Table | 20) Giantex Coffee End Table Wood and Metal Modern Living Room | 21) Topeakmart Modern 2 Tier Rustic Wood Coffee Cocktail Table | 22) Yaheetech Living Room Rectangular Wood Top Coffee Tables | 23) Oriental Furniture Simple Rustic Unique Coffee Table | 24) BirdRock Home Woven Seagrass Coffee Table |

Rustic Tables

Rustic tablesIf you are looking for a rustic table to complement your dining room, then I have selected the best available online from Amazon for you. Rustic furniture can transform your room into something more rugged, earthy and natural looking. The furniture that I have reviewed will bring a more organic warmth and simplicity to your dining room, no pretensions, just beautiful tables!

I have covered most rustic tables including rustic coffee tables, rustic dining tables, rustic end tables and just about every other type of rustic table in this guide.

Maintaining Rustic Tables

Rustic is defined as “simple, artless, or unsophisticated.” Yet, none of these terms apply when you are talking about rustic décor. In fact, the terms “fancy, stylish, and earthy” come to mind. Rustic furniture purchased or made in a variety of colors and styles is unique and can be tailored to the personality of the homeowners.

Rustic furniture is timeless since it features solid construction, durable hardware, and gorgeous finishes. When decorating a home with rustic furniture, the rooms will feature various textures, styles, and appeal that no other furniture style can give. Because the furniture is built and designed to last a lifetime, protecting your purchase is imperative.

Selecting the Right Tools and Products

Many people overlook the need to take good care of their rustic furniture purchase. The care is simple, but very important. Unless the furniture is properly cared for, it may warp, rot, crack, or get scratched. These tips will help you keep your rustic furniture looking good for a long time.

  • Dust your rustic furniture with a soft, smooth clean cloth to which water or furniture polish has been applied. Never dust using a dry, rough cloth on your rustic furniture. Using soap and water will warp your furniture over time. Removing dust keeps the particles from scratching the surface of the piece and protects the wood stain and finish.
  • Every time you dust, use the same type furniture polish.
  • Using the same product will insure that no streaking or cloudiness occurs.
  • Apply a small amount of polish on your rustic furniture. Too much polish harms the surface and finish.

Protecting Rustic Furniture

While dusting and polishing your rustic furniture is the first step in proper care, the furniture must also be protected from external factors. Here are a few tips to protect rustic furniture in order to keep the wood’s natural beauty protected:

  • Be sure coasters are placed under all drinks and vases. When condensation, spills, or water rings appear, clean them up immediately. Rustic furniture absorbs liquids quickly.
  • When glasses and cups stay in direct contact with the wood, ring shaped stains develop quickly and are often permanent.
  • When water is on the rustic furniture, be sure to grab a soft cloth for cleaning up the mess. Any rough materials will scratch the surface.
  • Always use a hot pad or trivet as a protective layer between warm dishes and the surface of the furniture. Without this protection, spots may form and damage the wood’s stain and finish.
  • Keep your rustic furniture out of humidity. When rustic furniture is in a humid environment, the wood will expand and contract. This will mar the finish or can cause the joints to become loose and unstable.
  • Sunlight may also damage rustic furniture. The strong rays can cause the finish as well as the wood itself to deteriorate over time.

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