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All About Barstools

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How Do I Pick the Correct Height Barstool?

You will want the barstool to come close enough to the bar to be within reach, but allow enough space between the seat and the bottom of the bar or counter. Generally, there should be between 10 inches and 13 inches between the barstool seat and the bottom of the table.

If your barstool comes with arms, make sure you factor this clearance in so they will still fit beneath the bar. Barstools come in a variety of heights and are even available in adjustable heights so you can find one to fit perfectly with your counter or table.

Short barstools are generally 22 inches or less. This stool is commonly used at a bathroom vanity or makeup table but may also be used for a shorter than normal table or counter.

Counter height barstools are usually 23 to 28 inches tall and are also called “counter stools”. They work well with tables around 35 to 37 inches tall and most kitchen counters if space is limited.

Bar height stools are commonly 29 to 32 inches tall and work best with tables or bars that are 41-43 inches tall. This is the preferred stool for use in a family room or in a bar setting with a tall table or bar.

Extra Tall barstools, in general, are 33 inches and taller. They are known as spectator stools and are traditionally used with extra tall counters from 44 to 47 inches tall.

Adjustable barstools are also available if you need variation in the seat height and use. Usually adjustable barstools come with a metal hydraulic lift that allows you to decrease or increase the seat height accordingly.

How Many Barstools Do I Need?

This will depend on the size of your bar or counter. You’ll want to have about 6 inches of space between each barstool which will provide adequate spacing for people to eat, drink, and socialize. If the bar stool swivels, make sure you will have enough room for them to move freely. Barstools are usually sold individually but can be sold in sets of two or four.

Seat of Power

So you’ve decided what sort of base you want, but now it’s time to ponder comfort and more… top-level aesthetics. The actual seat of a barstool can be pared down to a few choices: base material (that is to say, no padding), leather, vinyl and fabric. It is important to keep in mind the setting for your seating! Are you more comforted by the solid feel of a bare wood or metal?

Would you rather the singular aroma of a well-treated leather seat? Perhaps something bright, floral and cheery would fit the bill in the form of a calico print fabric – or is a durable, weather-proof canvas weave more suitable to your needs?

Whatever the choice, you’re sure to find plenty of options no matter where you look, as this is perhaps the best way for a piece to express itself against the interior of your home… or quietly blend into its surroundings.

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