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Best Bedroom Colors

Bedroom Colors: Colors can be used at key points to create a centre of interest. Similarly, in bedrooms the colors play a vital role in the spaciousness of the room.

The small rooms should have cool colors as the cool colors recede and give a visual impact of increased size and better proportions. Bedrooms are all about creating a personal space and for most of us it means retreat in which we can relax and rejuvenate. As such the rooms should be nurturing and satisfying our souls .Very bright or very warm colors should usually be avoided in small rooms as they give a visual effect of decreased size.

The room must provide comfort, service and pleasure, apart from this furniture and furnishings should be suitable to the size of the room so as to create better proportions. There are various ways to choose colors that best suit the bedroom with feng shui.

Best bedroom colors for your bedroom can be defined based on the baqua area of your bedroom located. Baqua is the energy map of any given space. It shows how the energy flows from one end to other in the defined area. You can go for generally accepted best bedroom feng shui colors, which are all skin tones – from light porcelain to rich chocolate tones.

Also you can choose best bedroom colors based on your personal birth element of feng shui. In a bedroom the main elements of expressiveness of colors are naturalness, coolness, delicacy, antiquity, animation, sophistication, warmth, freshness and repose and these can be expressed by the colors, fabrics, furniture and the variety of show pieces.

Photo Gallery of the Best Bedroom Colors