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Living Room Sets That Mix and Match

Living room sets are useful for entertaining, family time, or even as space for a quick meal. If you purchase a coordinated set from a furniture store, you’ll likely pay a premium price for the addition of the interior design element. By mixing and matching items, you can create living room sets on your own for a fraction of the price that a new set would demand.

One of the best places to look for different furniture items is a local consignment store. Many consignment pieces are in excellent condition and can be had at a deep discount. Here are some other ways that you can mix and match living room sets.

#1. Build Your Own Furniture

If you already have the seating arrangements settled, then consider building your own tables. Grab some materials from your local lumberyard and you’ll be able to create a rustic, sturdy table with just a few 2x4s, a saw, and some decking screws. Remember to seal, stain, or paint your new tables to protect the wood.

#2. Look for Similar Fabrics

Although mixing a leather sofa with a plaid cotton loveseat might not look so great, mixing two different kinds of plaid from a similar color scheme would look just fine. Leather is the same way. Matching the tone of the material is important, but two different designs of similar color can look more incredible than matching living room sets.

#3. Pick Colors For the Pets

If you have pets at home, then don’t forget to coordinate your color schemes with the color of your pet’s fur. If you have a dark sofa, but a dog with white fur, then you’re always going to be cleaning you living room set.

The goal of many interior designs is to have living room sets that compliment the style and personality of the home’s occupants. Instead of an expensive direct match, consider these options to help you mix and match so that money can be saved on your next furniture need.

Photo Gallery of the Living Room Sets That Mix and Match