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Wall Covering: Diverse Styles and Materials For Every Home

Wall covering traditionally comes in one of three varieties: paint, wallpaper, or paneling of some sort. Of course, in the kitchen and bathroom, tile is frequently used as a wall covering as well. These days the design world is going crazy for new and unusual option that make use of materials frequently used in other parts of the house or comes up with something quite different than anything ever used for. These wallcovering options run the gamut between natural materials to the most modern synthetics. Imagine these examples.

Examples of Diverse Wall Covering Options

A rustic cabin living room may look odd with wallpaper or ceramic tile, but using thin weathered boards as wall covering suits the style well. The trend of using what many would think of as flooring as covering has become quite popular.

Fabric has been used as a wall covering for centuries, but it is getting a new boost in the home style world as designers and homeowners experiment with more than just silk or damask. Imagine a boy’s bedroom with a collage of cutout denim squares on an accent wall. Or picture a kitchen with burlap sacking in the pantry. Creative wall covering ideas exist in any style.

Three dimensional covering options are also becoming much more popular. These can include anything from wicker weave to bas relief carved paneling and artistic scrolled paper or wood effects. Wall covering has come a long way from simple paper or paint.

Photo Gallery of the Wall Covering: Diverse Styles and Materials For Every Home