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A Guide for the Price Savvy Living Room Decorator!

Which is the best living room chairs under 5000$ for you? Find out here. Take a few seconds and easily compare several top rated living room chairs.

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It’s no secret that trends change and fashions come and go. In a day and age where there is increasing pressure to keep up with the Jones’s, and boredom with last year’s model sets in quickly, a smart decorator needs to find a way to shop on a budget. Enter Surplus Furniture and Mattress Warehouse!

Step #1. Find an Inexpensive Sofa Set, or Sectional to Act as your Anchor

Every room needs a focal point. A piece (or pieces) of furniture that act as a building point for the rest of the room. At Surplus Furniture and Mattress Warehouse they have an array of name brand sofa sets from some of the biggest upholstery manufacturers at discounted prices.

Choose from one of their many styles to start creating the ideal atmosphere. Whether it be modern deco, or country leisure, this store has what you need. Choosing a neutral colour for your set will allow you to choose from an array of accent colours to bring into the room.

However, at prices like these you can dare to be bold and step outside of the neutral palette. If you get bored of this look you can afford to change it up in a couple of years without sacrificing a year’s salary.

Step #2. Choose your Main Accents Pieces

These pieces will be your coffee and end tables, or cocktail table, lamps, designer rugs or perhaps a chair. Don’t underestimate the power of carefully chosen accents. They allow you to bring colour and style choice to the space.

These are also pieces that can be changed frequently to change the feel of the room. Tired of last year’s choice of a black busy rug and contemporary shaped lamps? Soften the look of the room with a new Ashley rug and antiqued lamps, all for a price lower than the cost of an evening out to dinner.

Step #3. Pull the Room Together with Inexpensive Finishing Touches

These are the little things that make the room. Throw pillows and picture frames or a vase or two, that add dimension and colour to the room. Luckily for the smart shopper, at Surplus Furniture the majority of sofa sets come with throw pillows so that money has already been saved!

Step #4. Admire this year’s room on a budget and plan for the next!

The bedroom maybe?…

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