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Candelabra Bulbs: How to Buy the Perfect

While you may think of candles first when someone mentions a candelabra, electric versions are very popular for elegant lighting options as well. Candelabra bulbs come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit different fixtures and choosing the right ones can be a challenge. Read on to learn how to buy the perfect candelabra bulbs for not only the light you have but also your whole decorating scheme as well.

Candelabra bulbs can be used in not only tabletop lamps that look exactly like the type you would use candles and, but also wall-mounted sconces, floor lamps and chandeliers that hang overhead. The right candelabra bulbs must be bright enough for each use. For example, an overhead chandelier probably have brighter lights than a small tabletop lamp because it needs to illuminate a larger area of the room. Candelabra bulbs come in incandescent, fluorescent and LED varieties.

When you purchase candelabra bulbs, you will notice that many of them are shaped a bit like flames. These lightbulbs are traditionally tall and thin so the glow looks more like a candle would instead of a regular lightbulb. There are bulbs that take this mimicry one step further. These have a special metal plate inside that makes the electric light flicker very similar to how the flame on a candle does.

Others have multiple filaments, faceted glass interiors for added sparkle and even different configurations of tiny LED lights so the candelabra bulbs glow in different ways. Your best bet when picking out the perfect bulbs for your lamp is to see them turned on so you know what type of light to expect.

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