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Why Round Coffee Tables Always Work

There are 24 of the best round coffee tables that I reviewed for you, enjoy!

1) ACME Furniture Acme 81830 Valora Coffee Table | 2) Cedarlooks 1100009 Log Round Coffee Table | 3) Deco 79 30780 Aluminum Coffee Table | 4) Modway Lippa Marble Coffee Table | 5) ACME Furniture Acme 81840 Alivia Coffee Table | 6) Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Marimon Coffee Table | 7) WE Furniture 36″ Coffee Table with X-Base | 8) Sauder International Lux Round Coffee Table | 9) Round Coffee Table w/ Glass Top Natural Rattan | 10) Cotton Craft – Jaipur Solid Wood Accent Coffee Table | 11) American Trails Genuine Walnut 24″ Round Coffee Table | 12) Winsome Wood Maya Round Coffee Table | 13) Winsome Wood Toby Coffee Table | 14) Winsome Wood Concord Round Coffee Table | 15) Stein World Furniture Bridgeport Round Cocktail Table | 16) Household Essentials 8079-1 Ashwood Round Coffee Table | 17) Modern Contemporary Glass Coffee Table | 18) Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Kraleene Round Lift Top Coffee Table | 19) Deco 79 90904 Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table | 20) Furniture HotSpot Round Wood w/Glass Coffee Table | 21) Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Vintage Casual Coffee Table | 22) Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Rafferty Coffee Table | 23) Furniture of America Julius Round Coffee Table | 24) Manhattan Comfort Madison 1.0 Coffee Table |

Some people get their kicks from the next installment of the “Star Wars” saga. For others, it’s the magical world of Harry Potter. And for others still, it’s discovering vintage comic books or anticipating the latest video game.

For me, I geek out over furniture. Specifically, coffee tables. You use them to gather around with friends and family, set down your drinks, put up your feet, and, if you’re like me, eat dinner while watching reruns of “Law & Order: SVU” even though you have a perfectly fine dining table three feet away (it’s just easier).

And while the straight edges of a rectangular coffee table might be the go-to choice for many, sometimes the right angles turn out to be the wrong fit for a room.

Here’s where choosing a round coffee table will save the day, helping you to maximize every square inch of your small space by giving you more walking room and allowing for better traffic flow and circulation. Rounded edges will soften your aesthetic and simply may fit better with the size, shape and placement of your sofa—and all the while, your feet will never know the difference.

I’ve pulled together a few of my favorite round coffee tables in a mix of price points and styles to set you off in the right direction when searching for a circular piece. Watch out for dangerously stunning curves ahead.


This coffee table has a rose gold finish, so I’m not really certain what else needs to be said about why it makes for a good choice when it comes to finding the right round table. The use of rose gold has been a design trend that thankfully shows no signs of stopping, and the sculptural base lends interest to the straightforward circular shape of the top if you’re looking to shake things up.

I’m not necessarily always a mid-century modern design kind of gal. But the chic Vulcan Black finish and wood leg tips bring this table into the 21st century while still expressing a vintage vibe through its mod shape. (Plus, they come in lots of other fun colors.)


If your living room is maxed out on marble and metallics, a simple blonde wood coffee table may be just the thing to bring back balance and warmth. With an easy assembly (no tools required!) and an even easier aesthetic, sometimes the quietest pieces can make the loudest statements.

If ever I’m on the hunt for design solutions that answer space problems while still reading effortlessly hip, Urban Outfitters is always one of my first stops. This round table is crafted of white cedar wood, giving your room a dose of organic modern style (which every room could use no matter your aesthetic). The solid base gives the table weight, but the rounded shape keeps it feeling petite.


White onyx and brushed metal make this table a solid glam option. The double tier allows for more storage and display space while allowing you to regain square footage in your room because of the rounded shape, so it’s a doubly practical decision and a fashionable one at that.

You can probably guess that the white marble top and brass-finished legs make this an automatic win for me. But I especially love it for its architectural, sculptural quality. Since round tabletops are fairly simple, having fun with the base is a great way to play with form.

This one actually caught my eye because it wasn’t marble and white. Instead, modern and refreshing comes in the form of tan leather and polished nickel buckles. It’s unique and an ode to fashion and feels like it walked from the runway right into your living room.

Photo Gallery of the Why Round Coffee Tables Always Work