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A Definitive Guide to Buying Queen Size Mattresses

You spend about third of your time in bed. The following is a brief guide on buying the right queen size mattresses for you.

Good quality and comfortable queen size mattresses can help provide good night’s rest. But as a buyer, you may ask, “What are the best types of queen size mattresses for me?” There’s a wide variety of queen size mattresses to choose from, and these come in different styles and materials. Common materials include, air chamber, innerspring, latex or memory foam.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Beyond the type of mattress, there are also certain factors about their construction which you’ll need to consider. From sleeping style to negotiating with a bedfellow to body type, your lifestyle can help make the right choice.

If you normally sleep on your side…

You will want a mattress that offers pressure relief. Ideally one that supports your weight and conforms to your body shape.

If you sleep on your tummy…

If you are a stomach sleeper, the last thing you’d want is an enveloping memory foam, it would give a smothering effect. Instead, a firm mattress would offer optimum support. Consider buying a dense innerspring, latex or air-filled mattress.

If you sleep on your back…

For this you’ll need something in the middle. A mattress that offers support and also makes sure your spine is properly aligned.

Queen size mattresses normally measure 60 x 80 inches or 152 x 203 centimeters, and they are larger than XL mattresses, but smaller than King-size ones.

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