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Storage Shed Buying Guide

We spent 43 hours on research, videography, and editing, to review the top options. Don’t let those bicycles, lawn equipment or junk that you just can’t bring yourself to throw away fill up your garage so you have to leave your car outside. These storage sheds under 200$ come in all kinds of options, from very affordable to tough and durable, and will keep all your gear safe and secure from the elements.

1) Goplus Outdoor Wooden Storage Shed | 2) Rubbermaid 3748 Horizontal Storage Shed | 3) Toomax 145 Gallon Florida Outdoor Shed Storage Deck Box | 4) Merax Wooden Garden Shed Wooden Lockers with Fir wood | 5) Suncast BMS1500 Vertical Utility Shed | 6) Merax Wooden Garden Shed Wooden Lockers with Fir wood | 7) Leisure Season TR6565 Patio Trash Receptacle Storage Shed | 8) Suncast BMC5800 Garage Storage Cabinet |

Keeping a home in good condition requires both work and the right tools. Some people prefer to hire professionals to maintain their properties, while others prefer to do some or all of it themselves. Lawn mowers, snowblowers, shovels, and rakes are a few examples of tools that help to maintain a home and its surrounding property, and many homeowners have at least some of these tools on hand.

Safely and conveniently storing these tools can pose a challenge, especially if they are large or if homeowners want to limit the items that they keep in a garage cabinet. Storage sheds are good solutions for these issues. As this storage shed buying guide points out, storage sheds are places where homeowners can conveniently maintain their equipment.

Storage sheds come in a variety of materials and styles and with a handful of accessories to not only efficiently and conveniently store tools, but to do so in such a manner that the storage shed appears visually congruent with the house and property where it is located.


This section describes the various materials from which storage sheds can be constructed. Not only do these materials influence how storage sheds look, but they also determine many of the sheds’ features, such as size, durability, portability, customizability, and the amount of maintenance required. The main materials used to construct sheds can include metal, vinyl, and wood.


Metal is a lightweight, low-cost material that is used in the construction of a storage shed. It may be steel or aluminum, but no matter what kind of metal is used in the shed’s construction, it should be rust-free so that the storage shed will last a long time with a minimal amount of maintenance required.

The metal should be treated with an enamel finish, as this galvanization is what helps prevent rust. While metal sheds may be durable, adding windows later will likely be more difficult and shelf compatibility will be more limited than if the shed was made from wood.


Vinyl may be a more expensive material from which to construct storage sheds, but the larger upfront cost generally pays itself back in durability. Vinyl does not peel and it largely resists rust and rot.

Most vinyl storage sheds also have double-wall panels to prevent dents. The panels are also cut to precise standards so that they fit well with one another, giving the shed structural integrity. Due to their ability to resist elements that can degrade other materials, vinyl storage sheds are ideal for harsher climates.


Wood is perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing material to use in the construction of a storage shed. Many homes have wood siding, so wood lends a storage shed a congruent appearance with these homes.

It is important to treat a wooden storage shed with sealants and preservatives in order to keep the wood from rotting, warping, and discoloring. Wood is also allows for greater customizability of the shed, such as adding windows and different kinds of shelves.

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