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How To Choose the Best Memory Foam Mattress

If you’re still sleeping on a coil spring mattress, then you’re not getting a good night’s sleep. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a waterbed or air-based therapeutic mattress, purchase a memory foam mattress instead. For a few hundred dollars, you can receive a thick mattress that will conform to your body and give your back and neck the right amount of support.

How Many Inches Do You Need?

The best memory foam mattress will have at least 6 inches of memory foam. If you can afford a 10 inch mattress, however, you’ll have more support for your aching muscles. Thicker memory foam mattresses also tend to hold their shape better over time so you don’t feel like you’re sleeping in a deep hole.

Memory foam does retain heat better than other mattresses, so having a high quality fitted sheet over the mattress can be a tremendous benefit. Don’t settle for a cheap entry-level sheet set from a bargain basement retailer. Look for something with a high thread count for best results.

With a Memory Foam Mattress, Watch Where You Sit

If you’re used to sitting on the edge of a bed, then you’ll need to find a new habit when you own a memory foam mattress. The edge of the mattress provides the least amount of support and sitting on it will cause it to deform over time.

Having a spill-proof covering on the memory foam mattress is also a good idea for homes that have children or pets. Look for a cover that will completely surround the mattress. Fitted sheet-style mattress protectors are cheaper, but stains and debris can come at you from below.

If you’re ready to have the best night’s sleep of your life, then you’re ready for a memory foam mattress. Find yours today with these tips to have the best experience possible.

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