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Guide To Garden Cart

I am going to show you best budget garden cart under 200$ or very close to this price.

1) 2-in-1 Gorilla Utility Cart up to 800 Lbs.| 2) Folding SPORTS Wagon with All-Terrain Rubber Tires | 3) Gardening Cart Rolling Garden Seat Utility Carts | 4) Go2buy Steel/Poly Garden Dump Cart | 5) Agri-Fab Inc Carry-All Cart, 200-lb Capacity Bed | 6) Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Steel Utility Cart | 7) Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart with Steel Frame | 8) Harper Trucks All-In-One Home and Garden Cart | 9) HGTV HOME Folding Wagon with Water-Resistant Liner | 10) High-End New 4th Generation Outdoor Utility Collapsible Folding Wagon | 11) Impact Canopy Maxima Folding Utility Beach Cart Wagon | 12) Mac Sports Heavy Duty Utility Wagon Beach Cart | 13) Metal Deck Wagon Garden Cart | 14) Mighty Max Cart Plus One Sports Utility Cart | 15) Millside Industries Classic Wood Wagon | 16) Picnic Time Collapsible ‘Adventure Wagon with All-Terrain Wheels’ | 17) UenJoy Heavy Duty 660 lb Garden Dump Cart | 18) Strongway Dump Cart – 1,200-Lb. Capacity | 19) Rolling U-Garden | 20) Strongway Aluminum Yard Cart |
Hybrid Cart

If you crossed a cart and a wheelbarrow you’d have this product. It has a one-piece polyethylene tray like a wheelbarrow but its two 20-in.-dia. wheels are centrally located.

To make it easy to roll over rough terrain, it has ball-bearing wheels and semipneumatic tires (they have a hollow center but they are not pressurized). Its solid axle and heavy tire-wheel assembly give it a 300-pound load capacity and its wide, comfortable handle makes lifting easy. It costs about $155 at hardware stores and home centers.

Dumping Wheelbarrow

The Stable-Pour wheelbarrow is designed for easy dumping. The two curved braces at the tray’s front are roll bars that provide a large and stable pivot point to dump the wheelbarrow. And a crossbrace is located under the tray and between the handles to keep flexing to a minimum when handling extremely heavy materials, such as wet concrete.

An essentially identical product, called EZ 2 Handle, is also available. It has rubber handgrips and plastic leg support grips that you hold when the wheelbarrow is vertical. Also, its tray has a removable plastic shovel clip on the side. Both products are sold at hardware stores and home centers and cost between $70 and $80.

Heavy-Duty Wagon

At first glance, this wagon looks like a toy, but when you take a second look, you notice the 16-gauge steel body, heavy pneumatic tires and an unusually heavy handle assembly made from square-section steel tubing. This explains why its payload rating certainly is not child’s play: 1200 pounds.

The tray measures 22 X 47 in., and it is 3-1/2 in. deep. A wood rail kit (a $40 accessory) stands 7-1/4 in. high. It costs about $150, plus a shipping charge of $15 to $30, depending on your region. A larger 3/4-ton-capacity version is also available (about $220, plus shipping).

Industrial-Strength Wheelbarrow

The term “industrial strength” is frequently misused today, but not when applied to this rugged Canadian product with 16-in.-dia. pneumatic tires and a 600-pound load capacity. Its 6.3-cu.-ft. steel tray is attached to a 12-ga. rectangular tube steel undercarriage. Its rear legs are supported by diagonal braces, and the legs are height adjustable.

This height adjustment allows you to position its handlesat a comfortable (and mechanically efficient) height for wheeling and dumping. A $25 conversion kit allows the wheelbarrow to be towed by a garden tractor.

Garden Cart

For traditionalists, there’s always this standby—a well-built cart with 20-in.-tall pneumatic tires mounted to heavy-duty spoke rims. The long-established design achieves several things. First, it has low rolling resistance over soft ground or obstacles. Next, the spacious (7.4-cu.-ft.) cargo box allows you to haul all kinds of stuff from firewood to hay bales to field stones.

The front panel is removable, and this further increases its load capacity. Note that the front panel projects above the cargo box. When you tip the cart vertically, this projection can be slid under an object, much like the platform on a hand truck.

Then you tip the cart back, and tip the load into the cargo box. It’s built of exterior-grade plywood with rust-resistant galvanized steel hardware. It does take a couple of hours to assemble. But the job requires only simple hand tools and we think the results are well worth the effort. It costs about $250.

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