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What Are The Benefits of Power Lift Chairs

Power lift chairs are affordable and very beneficial mobility aids for seniors suffering from arthritis or other problems that make it difficult or painful to get up from a chair into a standing position or to sit down from a standing position. For people experiencing mobility issues, simple tasks such as getting up from your chair to answer the door, go to the bathroom or prepare a meal can be difficult because of back pain or lack of strength to stand or sit. Getting up from a chair becomes extremely easy when the chair can gently raise the occupant into a standing position for a pain-free and safe exit.

Power lift chairs provide all the comfort that a traditional recliner comes with, but they also have one key feature –they come with an electric motor located at the bottom of the chair. Power lift chairs look exactly the same as traditional armchair recliners except for the hand controls that comes with the chair. The remote controls help control the monitor that lifts the chair and its occupant up from a seated position into a standing one.

Once seated in the chair, the occupant can use the remote control to adjust the chair to a comfortable angle. Power lift chairs can get the same positions as the best reclining chairs and more. Different models of power lift chairs feature separate mechanisms which allow the independent adjustment of the foot rest without involving the seat back according to what the occupant prefers.

In general, power lift chairs are simple and affordable accessories which can help senior people and those with mobility issues remain comfortable and safe as they go about their daily routines.

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