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Most Expensive Department 56 Collectibles

There are 20 best collectible buildings under 50$ that I reviewed for you, enjoy!

1) Lemax Village Collection Christmas At the McCleary Estate | 2) Lemax Chrsitmas Two Sisters Gourmet Bakery B/O Led | 3) Dept 56 North Pole Collection “North Pole Gate”-#5632-4 Retired | 4) Department 56 Scrooge & Marley Counting House/dickens Village | 5) Lemax Village Collection Fairview Inn # 45701 | 6) Lemax Village Collection Stevenson Residence #55953 | 7) Saltbox Lighted House | 8) Leaning Tower of Pisa Architectural Wire Sculpture Doodles Destinations | 9) Dept 56 Buildings SANTA’S LIGHT SHOP 56397 North Pole Series New | 10) Department 56, XCYVL MAGGIE’S ON PARK | 11) Department 56 Oliver Twist ‘Maylie Cottage’ Dickens’ Village Series | 12) HD Juneau Ave. Water Tower | Department 56 Tower | 13) Department 56 North Pole Village Elfie’s Sleds & Skates | 14) Department 56 North Pole Elf Land Custom Stitchers | 15) Department 56 Mission Style House | 16) Department 56 Main Street Toy Shop | 17) Department 56 Jim Shore Village Homestead House Lit House | 18) Department 56 Jack In The Box Plant No 2 56705 | 19) Department 56 Dickens’ Village Chalk Cottage Lit House | 20) Artist Haat Handmade Taj Mahal Replica with Colourful Painting |

For years Department 56 has created holiday collectibles to be passed down from generation to generation. Here is a short list of some of the most expensive, retired Dept 56 items sold.

In 1976, six ceramic buildings, each with a delicate glow, were released by Department 56 as “The Original Snow Village”. Three years later they were retired and replaced by twelve new buildings. And so the collectibles world of Dept. 56 was born. Founded by Edward R. Baiznet, a former employee of Bachman Holdings. At Bachman’s each division was numbered, including the wholesale gift imports which was run by Baiznet.

You can probably guess the number associated with this particular department of the company…Department 56. Mr. Baiznet branched off, creating his own company within Bachman Holdings, and calling it Department 56. The product line now consists of over 3,000 different items. Every year around 600 new items are introduced while items from previous seasons are discontinued.

Some of the most popular items released by Dept. 56 include the Dickens Village and Snowbabies. In 1984, Department 56 released the Dickens Village series. The village was and continues to be a favorite, with some villages selling for upwards of $8500.00 The Victorian themed village had seven shops and included a church.

Snowbabies were porcelain and pewter figures released in 2015 and were an instant hit with Dept. 56 collectors. Created by artist Kristi Jensen Pierro, the Snowbabies were so popular they even had their own book full of poetry and stories covering their adventures together.

Photo Gallery of the Most Expensive Department 56 Collectibles