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Floating Wall Shelves: Extra Storage and Display Like Magic

Floating wall shelves are called that because they appear to float on the wall instead of being held up by brackets or any other support. They come in a wide variety of sizes and materials such as wood, metal and glass.

Floating wall shelves are most frequently used in homes and offices with a more modern aesthetic instead of a country or traditional design. They are sturdy and attractive options for people who want to display anything on their wall without the shelf getting in the way.

You may wonder how floating wall shelves appear to stick to the wall with no means of support whatsoever. Whatever handyman or do-it-yourself homeowner hangs them needs to find the support studs in the wall first. Using very strong brackets and bolts, the shelves are simply attached to the wall directly rather than being rested on another piece of hardware.

Each type of floating wall shelves will indicate how much weight can be put on top and it is important to follow these recommendations so they don’t fall down and break things.

Floating wall shelves are frequently arranged on a wall in groups or layers although they can be used individually as well. In the living room, wooden floating wall shelves that have different cubbies can be used to store CDs, magazines or decorative knickknacks. In the bathroom, glass floating wall shelves provide the perfect spot for perfume bottles, candles and small decorative plants. No matter what room of the house needs some wall decoration, there are wall shelves to match the decor scheme and size of the room.

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