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Starburst Mirror: Always in Style through the Years

The starburst mirror has been a popular accent in the home for decades and its popularity is not decreasing as time goes on. Mirrors are obvious choices for wall decor and the starburst frame style adds a huge amount of visual style and interest no matter which room of the house you hang it in. For both modern and traditional homes, a mirror can definitely make people take notice.

Starburst Mirror – Heavy Metal Style

Perhaps the most popular type of starburst mirror includes heavy metal rays completely surrounding the mirror on all sides. These are also sometimes made from wood which may or may not be painted in a metallic shade. This mirror looks like a small mirror that is framed by art.

Starburst Mirror – Delicate Rays Style

The thinnest wire rays make for a wonderful starburst mirror style that suits softer color schemes and smaller walls. These can range from many rays surrounding the mirror evenly to several of different lengths that radiate out at random. These mirror options are more modern than traditional.

Starburst Mirror – Mirrors, Mirrors Everywhere

Some mirror types have small round or angular mirrors on the rays that surround the main mirror in the center. Others have wedges of mirror as the rays themselves. These do a great job adding extra sparkle and reflection to any room. A mirror is, after all, all about light and shine.

Photo Gallery of the Starburst Mirror: Always in Style through the Years