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Computer Armoires Buying Guide

We spent 26 hours on research, videography, and editing, to review the top choices. Proper organization of a computer and its associated hardware – including the keyboard, mouse, printer, and more — allows for better use of space and more efficient use of time.

To keep this gear safely stored when not in use and readily accessible when needed, no piece of furniture can match the functionality of a fine armoire. We rated these units based on their layout, size and aesthetics.

1) Sauder Edge Water Smartcenter Secretary Estate | 2) Sauder 416797 Harbor View Storage Cabinet | 3) Buena Vista L Shaped Desk with Hutch | 4) Sauder Harbor View Computer Desk with Hutch | 5) Sauder Harvest Mill Computer Armoire | 6) Sauder Computer Armoire | 7) Salinas Mission Style Desk with Hutch | 8) DMi Antigua Wood Computer Armoire | 9) Sauder Harbor View Storage Cabinet | 10) Sauder 417587 Desk with Hutch |


Wood Details: Wood details provide the look of classic hardwood furniture design, such as carved or sculpted moulding, edging, decorative support legs or feet, and other wood decorations. In modern storage units, wood detailing is often done with pieces of hardwood attached to the main storage unit, while the main components are made with durable wood products finished with wood veneers for an enhanced, economical design.

Mouldings: Mouldings refer to the top, side, and base decorative strips that often feature carved or sculpted details.

Steel Drawer Interiors: Storage with drawers featuring steel drawer interiors indicate the drawers are designed with steel backs, sides, and drawer bottoms.

Flat Panel Mounting Kit: High-tech computer storage units offer mounting kit for flat panel monitors. The mounting kit includes necessary items and hardware to install flat panel monitor within the computer storage unit for fixed placement that accommodates comfortable viewing angles.

Environmentally Friendly Powder-Coat Finish: Steel storage units and components are usually finished with paint, cured to create a smooth, non-shiny powder-coat finish. Many powder-coat paint finishes are created with environmentally friendly paints for “greener” overall styles.

Hardwood Construction: Hardwood construction implies the computer armoire is made using real hardwood panels, as opposed to wood products like particleboard.

Wood Products: Wood products refer to plywood, particleboard, fiberboard, and other materials made from real wood but altered for economical design and durability.

Wood Veneers: Wood veneers are made using real wood, sliced thin into sheets that are stained with wood stain and finished for lasting appearance. The veneer sheets are laminated or applied to the surfaces of furniture and storage units for an all-around solid wood look at an economical price.

Laminate Finish: Laminate finish is generally scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and impact-resistant for lasting appearance. The finish consists of several layers underneath, and the durable top layer, all adhered to the furniture components under heat and pressure for lasting bond.

Melamine Finish: Melamine finish is similar to laminate finish, with comparable durability and resistance to scratches, stains, impact and similar damage. Melamine has fewer layers underneath the durable top layer and the finish is applied under heat and pressure, often called thermofused melamine.

Cam and Post Assembly: Cam and post assembly simplifies the setup process by providing interlocking hardware for fast setup and use. The round cams fit into pre-drilled holes on one portion of the storage armoire while the metal posts fit into other pre-drilled holes on opposite panels.

Locking Casters: Computer armoires set on casters for mobility usually feature two locking casters. The casters lock with an easy-access level or switch-like component, stabilizing the storage unit for safe storage.

5-Knuckle Hinges: Five-knuckle hinges have five interwoven components with a pin that slides through all five hinge-knuckles and secures them together.

Welded Steel Frame: Steel frames that are welded come fully assembled, welded by the manufacturer, and offer incredible strength and support. The steel is often finished with a galvanization process such as zinc dipping, or with protective pain finish, depending on the design.

Wood Stain Process: Wood furniture and wood veneers are finished with premium wood stains often applied in a multi-step application process. For example, a 7-step application process involves cleaning, treating, staining, and sealing the wood stain using seven steps, and the wood stain itself is often applied by hand for traditional coloring and rich penetrating wood tones.

Lacquer Finish: Lacquer finish protects wood stain on wood furniture and wood veneers. The lacquer is a viscous or thick liquid topcoat, applied to the surfaces and treated, cured or catalyzed to harden and seal the finish. The lacquer topcoat is durable and easy to maintain.

Distressed Detailing: Wood furniture with distressed detailing provides a used, antique-style appearance through the use of wood finishing and design techniques such as sanding in specific areas, intentional wormholes, dry brush highlighting, and other techniques.

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