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Guide for Selecting and Buying the Right Hutch for Your Home

In search of something that will complete your dining room set? We have compiled a list of our top 16 favorite hutches to make your quest as simple as possible!

1) Townsend Electric Fireplace Curio – Antique White | 2) Home Styles 5100-0041-42 Buffet with Hutch | 3) Microwave Cart Stand – Cherry Finish | 4) Home Styles 5100-0071-72 Buffet with Hutch | 5) Homecharm-intl HC-003A Wooden Corner Cabinet | 6) Home Styles 5001-0066-62 5001 Buffet Server and Hutch | 7) Home Styles 5100-0066-62 Buffet with Hutch | 8) Home Styles 5001-0042-42 Buffet and Hutch | 9) Homestar Glass Cabinet | 10) Catskill Craftsmen Microwave Cart with Storage | 11) Brylanehome Country Kitchen Corner Cabinet | 12) Altra Aaron Lane Bookcase with Sliding Glass Doors | 13) Sawdust City Kitchen Hutch | 14) Small Wooden Corner Hutch | 15) American Furniture Classics Buffet and Hutch | 16) Home Styles 5001-0021-12 Buffet and Hutch |

Styles of Hutch

The basic style of the hutch purchased should match the style of other furniture in the room. Furniture style is largely distinguished by its physical features, including carving, leg design, and even wood color.

Queen Anne

Queen Anne style furniture has graceful lines and a sense of simplicity. Pieces of Queen Anne furniture typically have very curved legs with ball-and-claw feet. Hutches made in the Queen Anne Style will also have distinctive scalloping on the apron and ornate molding around the top. All doors on the hutch will have raised panels. Queen Anne style hutches are almost exclusively made of cherry and adorned with brass pulls.


Mission style furniture is relatively modern, having made its debut just before the turn of the 20th century. Mission furniture is a purely American style, and is always constructed of native lumber, typically native oak. Mission furniture is varnished, but never painted, and has very straight, minimalist lines.


Shaker furniture is designed with function in mind, and does not have any unnecessary decoration; they are hand carved, and might have features like plain, flat doors, and slightly tapered legs. They could be painted, generally with red, blue, yellow and teal, and are always made from native lumbers, most commonly maple.


Victorian furniture comes from an era of opulence, elegance, and gilding. Hutches are typically carved from mahogany or rosewood, and reflect the carving of other significant European eras including Tudor and Gothic eras. The furniture has heavy proportioning, elegant and detailed carvings, and dark staining.

Features to Consider

Which features are important to a buyer depends almost entirely on how the person plans to use the hutch. Plate slots, mirrors, and locks are all add-on features to consider.

Plate Slots

For those who have a set of fine china to display, or collectors plates, it is important to look for a hutch with plate slots. Plate slots are grooves cut into each shelf of the hutch. The bottom edge of the plates slide into the groove so that the plates stand up while on display.

Silverware Storage

For those with coordinating fine silver and china, a silverware drawer is a must. This drawer pulls out directly below the china hutch’s display area and has organizational slots for a set of fine silver.


Mirrors are often installed in the back of a china hutch behind the display shelves. This is an important feature for those who display collectibles in the hutch, as the mirrors provide a 360 degree view.


Locks allow users to fully secure the valuables stored in their china hutch. They are an excellent feature for china hutches in homes with small children, as they prevent meddling and accidental damage. They are also essential if the items inside the china hutch are heavily insured. Locking them in a hutch provides protection from theft, and proof that the items were well secured in the event of a burglary.

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