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Black and Decker Edgers – Buyers Guide

We gathered 10 Black and Decker edgers and put them to work on acres of grass along hundreds of yards of pavement. We emerged covered in dirt and clippings, but we found a few favorites.

1) Black & Decker ST7700 String Trimmer/Edger | 2) BLACK+DECKER LE750 Edger and Trencher | 3) BLACK+DECKER LC3K220 Cordless Electric | 4) BLACK+DECKER MTC220 Trimmer/Edger and Mower | 5) BLACK+DECKER LST420 Trimmer and Edger | 6) BLACK+DECKER LST140C String Trimmer | 7) BLACK+DECKER LST136W String Trimmer | 8) BLACK+DECKER GH900 String Trimmer/Edger | 9) BLACK+DECKER LST560C Cordless String Trimmer | 10) BLACK+DECKER LSTE525 String Trimmer/Edger |

Considering the Cutting Mechanism

Aside from the power type, edgers are also categorized according to cutting mechanism. The two main types of cutting mechanism that edgers use are string and blade.

String Cutters

Some of the earliest string trimmers made use a nylon material as cutters. Now, more durable monofilament lines are designed for a more powerful cut. They are spun in a spool which is turned relatively fast using centrifugal force.

The faster the string is spun the stiffer the line becomes, and the more powerful cut is achieved. They do not need sharpening but over time like any other cutting materials do, lines should be replaced with new sets.

Blade Cutters

Blade cutters are basically more durable and are more capable for heavy duty trimming. Edgers with blade as cutters are very effective on thick brushing and landscaping. They do need sharpening or replacement over some time because they also become dull after a lot of intensive trimming works.

String Against Blade

Actually, edging doesn’t need to be done very often as they are more for the purpose of keeping grass away from paths and cemented flower boxes so string cutters will be a fairly fine choice. They are safer too compared to blade cutters. But if you plan to invest on some landscaping and gardening and business, blade is going to be the better choice since they last longer than the string.


Locomotion category has two basic types, the Handheld and Walk-behind.


This type comes handy, portable, and easy to store. Example of this type is the stick edger which is a very simple machine. It is good for small lawn.


The very advantage of this type is that the unit is the one carrying more of its load because if its wheel support which can be three wheeled or four wheeled.

Handheld Against Walk-Behind

Over and over we talk about the choice coming down with the size of the property and the volume of grass to work on. And it do applies with this category. If you have a bigger lawn to work on, walk-behind should be your best pick, but if you have a very small to small sized yard, handheld will be more practical to use.

The Brand Carrier

It now comes down to the choice of brand. Personally, when I purchase anything, I always go for the more trusted brands. Other names may be more known but it doesn’t really mean that they are the better brands. To be sure, check on product comparisons over the internet and check the brand’s company profile, reviews, product quality, and business history to build more rapport with the makers of the products.

The Black and Decker

The Black and Decker is a manufacturer of power tools, home improvement products, hardware, and fastening technology since 1910, more than a century of bringing unparalleled innovations to our households which brought a big and better difference in our lives.

The company released its first lawn edger and hedge trimmer back in the 1950’s. Their products then became a hit and now, they are the premier makers and suppliers of electric corded and cordless lawn equipment to help people spare more time for themselves.

Black and Decker has been making an extensive selection of edgers through the years. Narrowing down, let’s look at some of its best released electric edgers according to a trusted review of 2015’s best edgers.

Photo Gallery of the Black and Decker Edgers – Buyers Guide