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Rustic Home Decor: Bring a Touch of Country Inside

Now you can get the down-home country goodness of rustic home Decor to add a stylish yet comfortable vibe to every room in your house. This is perfect for cowboys, cowgirls and anyone who likes the woods or wide open range, horses or wild western animals too. Rustic home Decor is popular no matter what type of home you have or where you live.

Rustic home decor comes in two main styles: country cowboy and backwoods. Different people like different ones and there is some crossover as well. After all, not all cowboys went to rodeos in the desert. Some rounded up cattle in the high forest country too.

Rustic home decor includes a lot of wood and antique-looking metal. Things like old barrels, five pointed stars, Americana, old tools and farm equipment, cloth crafts like rag dolls, quilts and rag rugs and anything having to do with horses. This rustic home decor style harkens back to the days of westward expansion and a simpler but more rugged way of life.

Many people who are interested in rustic home decor actually shop for antiques to put in their home, but there are plenty of modern options that either give the appearance of being very old or simply speak to that kind of aesthetic. If you love rustic home decor too, had a wagon wheel rocker to your front porch, an old tin lantern to your shelf and cover the couch with a crazy quilt in many pretty calico colors.

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