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Trends Within Teak Patio Furniture

Teak patio furniture is commonly found throughout the marketplace because of its aesthetics as well as its durability. Not all furniture can be used outdoors. However, teak is used in shipbuilding and other industries and the wood has been proven to hold up against all of the outdoor elements.

One of the most common trends you will see with teak patio furniture is that it is created to let the natural wood shine through. While there may be seat cushions and such used in a set to provide a comfortable sitting area, the design allows the wood to be seen.

There may be slats in the wood. This is common along chair backs as well as on the tables. This provides a refreshing design where there is wood and allows for a strong flow of air. It is used throughout areas where there is a water feature, either on the beach or on a lake. This makes it easier for everyone to stay comfortable while outdoors, because the breeze from the water can flow right through the seating.

Much of the teak patio furniture that’s on the market is left in its natural state. It is not stained or painted in any way. Teak is a gorgeous light color and can pair well with other colors. Should you wish to incorporate color within your furniture, you can do so with the cushions as well as any décor that you would add to the tables, such as candles, plates, or place mats.

Understanding the trends within this type of patio furniture makes it easy to select a design that is becoming of your outdoor space.

Photo Gallery of the Trends Within Teak Patio Furniture