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Stack Chair Buyer’s Guide

Which is the best stacking chairs under 50$ for you? Find out here. Take a few seconds and easily compare several top rated stacking chairs.

1) Regency Restaurant Stack Chair, Black | 2) Regency M Stack Chair, Blue | 3) HERCULES Series 770 lb. Capacity Designer White Plastic Stack Chair | 4) Flash Furniture Mint Green Metal Indoor-Outdoor Stackable Chair | 5) Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Heavy Duty Black Dot Fabric Stack Chair | 6) Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Crown Back Stacking Banquet Chair | 7) Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Black High Density Stackable Chair | 8) Flash Furniture HERCULES Series 1000 lb. Stacking Chair | 9) Flash Furniture HERCULES Series 880 lb. Stack Chair | 10) Flash Furniture HERCULES Series 880 lb. Stack Chair | 11) Flash Furniture HERCULES Series 661 lb. Stack Chair | 12) Flash Furniture HERCULES Series 661 lb. Stack Chair | 13) Flash Furniture HERCULES Series 21”W Stacking Church Chair | 14) HERCULES Series Trapezoidal Back Stacking Banquet Chair | 15) Flash Furniture HERCULES Series 18.5”W Church Chair in Brown Fabric | 16) Boss Office Products B9501-BY Dimond Fabric Stacking Chair | 17) Cosco Resin 4-Pack Folding Chair with Molded Seat | 18) Flash Elegance Stacking Chiavari Chair Finish | 19) Flash Furniture Comfort Gray Fabric Stackable Steel Side Reception Chair | 20) Flash Furniture HERCULES Series 21”W Church Chair |

Stackable chairs are ideal for classrooms, banquet halls, churches or special events, as they stack neatly aside when not in use. Choose between Padded Stack Chairs or Plastic Stacking Chairs to ensure your space is equipped with adequate seating. Before purchasing stackable chairs, review your individual needs. Whether you’re adding seating to a classroom or event hall, take the following steps to narrow your search.

Evaluate Your Needs

Stackable chairs are a fantastic way to add flexible seating options to a room without breaking your budget. Between armless options, lumbar support and adjustability, stackable chairs are available in many varieties to suit a range of needs. Common seating features include:

  • Armless chairs. Though chairs with arms may be more comfortable, they can be more awkward to transport and do not fit with every desk or table surface. Within any space, desks of multiple heights should be paired with armless chairs to ensure the best fit and maximum comfort for guests. In other spaces, like a waiting room or doctor’s office, chairs equipped with armrests enhance comfort.
  • Indoor and outdoor use. Before purchasing stackable chairs, think about where they will be placed. For some venues, churches and banquet halls, seating may need to be taken outside for a ceremony or special purpose. Prevent damage to stackable chairs by choosing seating capable of performing both indoors and out.
  • Specific purpose chairs. From choir chairs to stackable seating equipped with student desks, consider the specific purpose for which chairs are needed. For extended seating and performance, purchase a choir or musician chair featuring ample arm room and padding for additional comfort. In a classroom setting, stackable chairs featuring an adjustable writing surface may replace the need for traditional desks.
  • Formal uses. Between wedding ceremonies, graduations and special events, some stackable chairs will need to be decorated in honor of a special occasion. If stackable chairs are being purchased for these circumstances, evaluate the chair’s padding and design to guarantee it can be customized to match a formal event. Banquet chairs with rounded backs are perfect for use with chair covers and sashes, while Chiavari chairs may be adorned with simple decorations to make an elegant statement.
  • Durability and resilience. Getting the best value for your stackable chairs involves evaluating the future user. If you teach kindergarten or elementary school, choose a durable, damage resistant chair to outlast even the most destructive children. Additionally, think about how long you plan to use these chairs. For a banquet hall or church, chairs may be expected to last years; therefore, a chair’s durability and resistance to damage should be carefully considered before making a purchase.

To buy the best chairs for your needs, review the many available stacking chair features before deciding on a material.

Choose Your Seating Material

The look and function of the space where the stack chairs are to be used will determine whether upholstery or plastic seats would be best. Some spaces may serve food, while others require chairs that can be seamlessly moved from indoors to out. Consider the benefits and cleaning requirements for each type of seating material:

  • Upholstered chairs. Upholstered stack chairs offer your guests a comfortable seating surface, complete with padding. Available in multiple colors and patterns, upholstered stackable chairs are ideal for banquet halls, lobbies or churches looking to replace the traditional pew. Fabric is warm and can be less sticky than vinyl in warmer climates; however, fabric can be more difficult to clean, particularly when exposed to food and beverages.
  • Vinyl upholstery. Vinyl upholstery works well for spaces where food may be served, such as a fellowship hall. Unlike chairs upholstered in fabric, chairs with a vinyl surface are easily cleaned using water and a damp cloth. Available in many colors, vinyl chairs are usually lightweight, versatile and easily stored. Compared to chairs with fabric seating, vinyl upholstery is more susceptible to scratches and tears.
  • Plastic chairs. Plastic stack chairs are durable, easy to clean and generally lightweight. They are great temporary seating options for reception areas or special occasion seating, as they can be stacked with ease and are resistant to damage. Stackable chairs with a plastic seating surface are a cost effective alternative to bulkier seating options, providing the owner with years of use. Plastic chairs are ideal for classrooms, labs and workstations.
  • Wooden chairs. Believed to be the most durable of stackable chair options, wooden chairs can be heavier than their plastic counterparts. Available for both children and adults, stacking wood chairs are competitively priced and promise long-term use in any setting.

Take time to choose the best stackable chair material for your needs to guarantee a positive return on your investment.

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