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Living Room Chairs Buying Guide

Which is the best living room chairs for you? Find out here. Take a few seconds and easily compare several top rated living room chairs.

1) Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Annora Accent Chair | 2) AVE SIX Monarch Uphosltered Wingback Chair | 3) BCP Contemporary Black Leather Kids Recliner Chair | 4) Best Choice Armless Accent Chair | 5) Eames Style Molded Modern Plastic Armchair Rocker | 6) Flash Furniture Fusion Series Gray Leather Chair | 7) Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Chair | 8) Giantex Leisure Arm Chair Single Couch | 9) Giantex Modern Tub Barrel Club Seat Arm chair | 10) Giantex Modern Upholstered Accent Occasional Chair | 11) Giantex Vintage Leisure Chair | 12) Gray Hexagon Folding Dish Chair | 13) Home’s Art Mid- Century Deep Grey Bentwood Leisure Chair | 14) IKAYAA Reclining Bentwood Chair | 15) LSSBOUGHT Contemporary Indoor Muted Fabric Arm Chair | 16) Merax Stylish Contemporary Upholstered Wingback Accent Chair | 17) Modern Velvet Accent Living Room Chair | 18) Niche Mia Reclining Bentwood Chair | 19) OSP Designs MET88CM Cream Leather Chair | 20) Microsuede Large Folding Saucer Chair |

Fabric Chairs:

Styles: Fabric armchairs are available in many colors and patterns. If you want something casual or colorful, fabric chairs may be the choice for you. Since you’ll be spending a lot of time in your fabric armchairs, consider an upholstered arm chair.

Wing-back chairs are other options. With their tall backs, arm rests and winged sides, wing-back chairs were originally designed to protect from drafts but now lend a dramatic, old-world look to your living room.

Care: Whatever shape of chair you choose, a fabric chair will be a place where you’ll want to spend a lot of time. Here are some ideas for extending the life of your fabric chairs:

Fabric Chair Care

  • Vacuum your fabric chairs before there is visible dirt. Once you can see the dirt, it may already be ground into the fabric.
  • Most upholstery fabrics are designed to be durable and cleanable. Check your manufacturer’s guide to see if the particular fabric you have requires special cleaning.
  • If you are concerned about staining, consider using a spray treatment to protect the upholstery on your fabric chair. These protectors don’t prevent all stains but can give you more time to clean up a spill. Test the spray on a hidden part of the fabric before using it on the whole chair to check that it doesn’t affect the color.

Other Living Room Chairs:

Accent chairs: Also known as occasional chairs, accent chairs are smaller in scale than fully upholstered living room chairs. Accent chairs have a visible frame and either an upholstered seat or an upholstered seat and back.

An accent chair gives you the option of additional seating in a living room. Some accent chairs can even be pulled into the dining room for extra seating there. Use an accent chair to add a burst of color to a corner of your living room even when no one is sitting there.

Sofa chairs: The term “sofa chair” is used by some people to refer to the sofa itself and by others to refer to a chair meant to match the sofa. In the latter case, sofa chairs have been manufactured to have the same lines and materials, only with one seat cushion instead of two or more. This ensures that the two pieces will match perfectly; however, you can also buy sofa chairs separately to coordinate with other furniture pieces.

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