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Wire Shelving: Effective and Smart Way of Organizing Staff

A wire shelving has been very famous nowadays. For many reasons, it provides a better way to organize things around your house. Cheap yet functional and durable home hacks that saves time, money, and effort.

How to achieve all the benefits of wire shelving?

A wire shelving can be used either on:

  • the laundry area, for detergent soaps, fabric softener and so on
  • kitchen for pots and utensils
    •closet for organizing your dress, bags, and other staff
    •used as bookshelves
    •kids toys holders


Here’s how to utilize your wire shelving:

Mostly wire shelving doesn’t have boards to flatten out open surface. So it is possible that smaller things may nit stand firm. Use a cardboard or flatten out with boxes. Cut the boxes exactly the same size with the wire shelves. In that way you can also prevent things from falling out of the open spaces.

Another good way to set your wire shelving is to provide a curtain. If you want to hide some staffs you placed in the wire shelves, a curtain may help this out.

If you need more racks and hooks to hang out more staffs, use a plastic or steel hooks. You can insert the hooks anywhere you want to hang your staff.

Above all, check if your wire shelves were secured with rubber protections included in your purchase. This prevents the wire shelves from sliding and helps it stand firm.

Photo Gallery of the Wire Shelving: Effective and Smart Way of Organizing Staff