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Round Side Table for Your Office for Home

A round side table is a crucial piece of home furniture. And believe it or not, there’s a right way and a wrong way of choosing a round table for your home or office. Most people, quiet more often than not make mistakes in this regard, and find themselves with something that’s either too large, doesn’t compliment their home or office décor, or is of the wrong material in relation to surrounding furniture designs.


A round table is normally used for coffee at home or in the office, and people seat around it in circular motion. If your table is not of the right shape or size, a simple business meeting may turn into a mini-rally with people displaced, some standing and some seated in awkward positions. Certainly not the best start to an event.

Make sure that your side table is about 2/3rds the sofa size so that people space out. Avoid getting a table that’s less than half the size of your sofa else people will find themselves jammed and squashed with little room to maneuver.


Height is another aspect to consider when looking to buy a round side table. An ideal height will be one of similar height with the cushions on a sofa or seats on a chair. Your ideal setup of a round side table should make it easier for people to access their coffee from the table and for people to seated comfortably.

Photo Gallery of the Round Side Table for Your Office for Home