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4 Black and White Bathroom Ideas

Whether your tastes run towards traditional, contemporary, or modern interior designs, there are black and white bathroom ideas which will compliment your style. Here are some of the best décor options to consider using in your new bathroom or remodeling project.

#1. Marble always looks incredible. Marble can come in black or white as a primary color. What makes it such a great surface option is that the striations tend to be the opposite color, so black marble has white streaks throughout it. Marble can be used as a counter, as flooring, or even as wall tile.

#2. Glass makes the perfect accent. The one issue in these bathrooms is that many of them aren’t truly black and white. There may be off-color door panels, shower tile, or furniture. If you include glass as a primary design component, however, you won’t take away from your black and white features whatsoever.

#3. Floor accessories matter. Nothing ruins a beautiful black and white bathroom like a bright purple bath rug. For a truly stunning look, accessorize your bathroom with towels, rugs, and other components that work with your interior design instead of clash with it.

#4. Think about oil rubbed bronze fixtures. Sliver and chrome dominate many color bathroom decor ideas, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Oil rubbed bronze is a little more expensive, but it will give your darker themes an added boost and still give you timeless elegance.

These black and white bathroom ideas can help you design an incredible oasis where time can stand still. Get started today and you will create an incredible atmosphere that you will love using every day.

Photo Gallery of the 4 Black and White Bathroom Ideas