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Standard End Table Height

This guide covers the best End Table under $500 based on professional reviews, sales, build quality and consumer feedback.

  1. Open Gold Iron Quatrefoil Accent End Table | Lattice Arabesque Metal
  2. Nuevo Giza End Table
  3. International Caravan 3948-AW-IC Furniture Piece Carved Wood Three End Table
  4. Coventry Two Tone 28 in. Rectangular End Table
  5. MLF Eileen Gray End Table (Set of 1/2/3/4). Adjustable Height Table, Safe Tempered Circle Leveled Glass Top, Stainless Steel Tubular Frame for Firm & Durability, Metal Side Table. Easy to Move, Perfect Combination of Functionality and Style. (Set of 4)
  6. Hammary Mallory End Table
  7. Exp 40-Inch Handmade Bamboo Forest Storage Cabinet/End Table, Dark Brown
  8. Magnussen Tanner Wood Rectangular End Table
  9. Oriental End Table in Mahogany with Glass Top and Luxuriously Soft Felt Lined Drawer -24″ H
  10. Egyptian Inlaid Oval End Table
  11. Aico Windsor Court Rectangular End Table – Vintage Fruitwood
  12. Design Toscano San Giacomo End Table
  13. Exp 37-Inch Handmade Lattice Panels Storage Cabinet/End Table, Dark Brown
  14. Michael Amini Sky Tower End Table, Cloud White
  15. Design Toscano Tambour Manor End Table
  16. Oriental Furniture Unique End Table or Extra Tall Nightstand, 29-Inch Japanese Style Pagoda Top Telephone Stand
  17. Uttermost Stratford End Table
  18. Oriental Furniture Burl Wood End Table
  19. Hooker Furniture Wendover End Table
  20. Padma’s Plantataion Urban End Table

How high or tall is a standard end table? End tables typically range between 20″ and 30″ high. The height of the end table you should purchase depends on the furniture by which it is placed. If you have a very low sofa or chair, you don’t want an end table that’s too high. Here’s a quick guide to choosing an end table height.

Guide to Choosing the Right End Table Height for Your Space

Choosing an end table can be much easier if you know what dimensions you need. Most end tables are placed next to a sofa or chair so the seated individual can easily access anything he or she might want to set down. You can determine the appropriate end table height by measuring the distance between the floor and the top of the arm on your sofa or chair.

Most sofa and chair dimensions simply give the outside height, width, and depth. If you’re shopping for a new sofa as well as an end table, bring a measuring tape so you can measure the arm height of any prospective purchases. Buying an end table to match your existing furniture? Measure at home, so you can choose the proper end table height.

Your end table doesn’t have to be exactly the same height as your sofa or chair arm. Subtract an inch or an inch and a half from that measurement, and then look for end tables in that range. For example, if your sofa arm is 28″ high, an end table height between 26.5″ and 28″ would be appropriate.

Aesthetics and Comfort Come First

It’s more important that your end table matches the decor in the rest of your room than that it is the exact height of the sofa or chair arm. If you find the perfect end table and it’s just a bit too low, go for it! You (and your guests) will be much more likely to admire how beautiful your end table is than to notice it’s a half-inch shorter than you might like.

End Tables at Bassett Furniture

Of course, you can have both! The ideal end table is the optimum height as well as the perfect style for your room. Bassett Furniture offers end tables that range from 23″ to 30″ tall. Find the perfect end table online or talk to one of our in-store design experts at the store nearest you!

Photo Gallery of the Standard End Table Height