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Essential White Bathroom Ideas

White bathrooms speak of timeless elegance. They are easy to maintain, affordable to install, and allow for accent options in virtually any color. When included appropriately, these white bathroom ideas may even increase the value of your home.

#1. The Bathtub Is Everything

In white bathrooms, the focal point will always be the bathtub. Even if you have a dedicated shower, the eye is naturally drawn to the tub as the dominate feature. Give yourself a beautiful tub with clean lines and beautiful accents to make your bathroom really stand out.

#2. Use Your Fixtures to Accent

The whiteness of a bathroom will make the fixtures of the space really pop out. Instead of installing chrome faucets and towel bars, however, think about installing yellow brass. This timeless look will withstand the corrosive elements of the moisture rich bathroom without compromising the visual aesthetics.

#3. Install Under the Counter Shelving

Many cabinet options don’t come in white and the ones that do are rarely elegant. Think about eliminating the typical cabinet scheme in new white bathrooms and opt for under the counter shelves instead of cabinets. Glass shelves will have a more dramatic impact that white-paneled fiberboard.

#4. Pick Your Favorite Colors

White bathrooms are too white without a little extra color. Think about adding towels or rugs that can add a little variation to the room, especially if that bathroom gets a lot of sunlight during the day.

These white bathroom ideas will have your room looking incredible and make it desirable to use. Use them today to your advantage and the results will be outstanding.

Photo Gallery of the Essential White Bathroom Ideas