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Area Rugs: A Size and Shape For Every Use

No matter what style or size you have there are area rugs that can suit. Chosen primarily for decoration purposes, area rugs also help make the floor more comfortable to walk on and can even help insulate to keep the room warmer. Area rugs are popular in rooms with tile, laminate or hardwood floors because they need some extra comfort and warmth for the people who come in and out.

If you want to add area rugs to your home, it is important to choose the right sizes and shapes for each particular purpose.

In a large room, such as the living room, area rugs can be used in two different ways. First of all, you can get a very large area rug such as a hand-knotted Oriental design that covers the majority of the floor. Secondly, you could get separate smaller rugs to delineate different sections of the room.

For example, place one of your area rugs between the couches on the television side of the room to create a cozy watching nook and other area rug on the other side where stately chairs cluster around fireplace and bookshelves.

Area rugs are often used in kitchens and bathrooms to provide a comfortable place to stand that is both easier on the feet and absorbent of any spills or humidity. Of course, these rugs also do a great job at decorating the rooms with more color and style. To invite people into your home and gives the impression of welcoming, you might consider rugs that match one after the other.

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