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Wrought Iron Fleur de lis Home Decor

Fleur de lis home decor is considered as stylized lily and its literal meaning of Irish and French word as a symbol and decorative design. The leaf of the logo represents the society of mediaeval period. Those who fought, those who worked and those who prayed. This flower was very attractive to the French king that’s why this name is commonly used in many artistic works in France.

This stylized lily became the emblem of French monarchy and its appeal and simplicity makes a decor more sensational and elegant where it is used. It is basically considered an artistic formation that is normally used widely in home as decoration accessories which add a sensational touch of aristocracy and sophistication to your bare walls.

Fleur de lis wall decor in kitchen

These are commonly used on containers and bins, finials and bookends, garden accents, accessories for home wall paintings and other hanging paints, throws and pillows and wall rings and hooks. Fleur de lis home decor also uses this unique symbol on carpet and rugs that provide a traditional look with chic as well as sync properly.

They are also used with the items of lighting décor and with lamp design elements or as small warmer. This can be added as charming elements to your wall as the items of decoration which is mostly used in the bathroom and kitchen room which looks pretty and aristocratic. For living and bedroom decoration candle stands with fleur de lis petals can be added to bring royal touch.

Fleur de lis kitchen decor has a great distinction design that is very popular for the decoration of home.

Photo Gallery of the Wrought Iron Fleur de lis Home Decor